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I have a very new MacBook Air.  After a fairly abortive migration (it carried over lots of stuff from my iMac which I didn't want - I only wanted settings, not files) I scoured the discussions and picked up a thread that suggested setting up a new administrator profile and deleting the old one, thereby getting rid of all the files and so on.  (now why didn't I think of that?).


However, I've made the mistake of checking the "About This Mac"/storage info, and it shows as follows:


Audio 656.8MB

Movies 42.3MB

Photos 112.7MB

Apps 3.73GB

Backups zero

Other 9.45 GB


Now it's bugging me enough that I can't track down the audio, movies and photos (although I concede that these are very small and may be system related?).


BUT the "Other" section is really annoying me.  What is it? 


I'm aware that I might reinstall OS and start again only to discover that I STILL have 9.45GB in Other.


Can anyone who knows about these things help?

Does anyone have a brand new MacBook Air on which they haven't yet done anything at all and can check what it says under their "Other"?





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    Open finder.


    Click on "All My Files"


    You should be able to see all your audio, movies and photos. (Click show all).


    Other referes to all kinds of files that do not fit into the other categories.

    They could be anything from system files, to files created by apps, to things you downloaded from the internet such as pdf files, text files etc. Anything. That's why it is called "Other" since it is general.


    I have 67.45GB in other.

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    Sorry, should have clarified that I know how to find my own ordinary audio/movies/photos.  And there aren't any!  That's why it's bugging me that storage says there are some.

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    Hi Margo:


    Ultimately, you may want to perform a complete do over--which given your circumstances might require you to perform a clean install. More on that later if you want to do so eventually.


    I am assuming you transferred your data, etc., from your iMac using either Firewire Target Disk Mode for over a network. It doesn't matter much, but which did you do.


    Regardless, for now, I would do a repair install of Lion and see how things look after doing so. A repair install should leave installed apps, files, and settings alone. And, such an install very well sort out any issues of how much of what you have where. There are several ways of doing so. first, if your Lion Recovery HD partition is present or you have set up a Lion Recovery Disk Assistant, then either will work. Let's see if you can do either of these before going any other route.


    Try starting up holding down the option key. Once done, see if there is a "recovery" option. If yes, then I would choose it and ultimately choose to reinstall Lion from the Apple site. If you have unbacked up files, etc., then be sure and back them up to your iMac before doing any kind of install.


    If you want to read more about what I am talking about, then go here (read from the top).

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    MargoY wrote:

    BUT the "Other" section is really annoying me.  What is it? 



    Uh, the *operating system*, for example?