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Hi there.


I seem to be having a problem regarding connecting to my Wifi at home with my 13" Macbook Pro.


I purchased my Macbook Pro brand new in December 2010 and have not encountered any problems with it up until 1 week ago when my Macbook suddenly stopped connecting to my wifi network. Before the obvious answer that it may just be router problem, I've checked and it isnt. All other wireless devices are able to access the internet through the Wifi network and all are working as it's meant to be... its only my MBP that's not connecting.


Whenever I try to connect to my Wifi, it shows it trying to connect and then randomly stops. So, I tried Network Diagnostics SEVERAL times, doing and answering whatever it asks me to do. It then attempts to connect to my wifi network but suddenly shows "Connection timeout". Thinking it to be router problem, I accessed my router settings and restarted everything etc etc. But the problem still persists.


I've also googled this problem with other people having the same problem as me, and I've tried most of their solutions to no avail. I've cleared the keychain, cleared the "rememebered networks", cleared saved password, etc etc, you name it. But once again, it still won't connect.


Since I am studying at University, it is absolutely vital that I have access to the internet on my MBP, wherever and whenever I want it. At the moment, it seems the only way to connect to my Wifi is when I take the MBP right next to the router, to which it starts working normal again.


Please help me find the solution to this.


Thank you in advance,


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)