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I've had my iPad for nearly 8months now and up until now it has worked perfectly.


This morning I tried to connect my iPad to my iMac (10.5.8) so that I could sync it with iTunes however the iPad was totally unresponsive. The home screen (that normally lights up when connected) stayed blank and the device did not show up in iTunes.


I've been browsing the discussions all morning and trying various things out but nothing has worked so short of travelling to my nearest Apple shop for help I'm really stuck.


Here is a list of what I've already tried;

1. Uninstalled and re-installed latest version of iTunes.

2. Connected my iPhone 4 (using the same usb, cable etc) and synced that with iTunes without any problems

3. Reset the default settings on the iPad.

4. Restarted iPad and iMac numerous times.

5. Cold re-booted the iPad (holding the home button and power button until the Apple logo appears).

6. Checked that battery on iPad is over 50% (its actually at 95%).


Hoping someone here can help ... I haven't tried restoring the iPad because if it still won't let me connect to iTunes i wont be able to re-install the backup.

iPad, Mac OS X (10.5.8)