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I submitted the following feedback to Apple today (apple.com/feedback). I'd love people's comments:


Macs running OS X need a completely re-done display model with more resolution flexibility.



First, when running remote solutions (LogMeIn, OS X native screen sharing, and other similar items), the resolution of the virtual display cannot be set to an arbitrary size. Instead, it must be set to a resolution supported by the remote Mac.



Second, the resolution cannot be selected remotely. Instead, a login is required -- mostly at a suboptimal resolution -- and then the system preferences of the remote Mac are used to change the display resolution.



Third, screen blanking of the remote Mac for security purposes is not automatic.



I use a MacBook Air 11" for much remote work to a MacBook Pro 15" (which might be connected to a monitor). Whenever I connect to the 15", I either get a tiny shrunken screen or I must pan. I can re-set the resolution, but (1) this requires pulling up the 15"'s system preferences, and (2) I cannot set the resolution to exactly match the 11" screen.



OS X does so many things better than Windows, but remote screens are better in Windows. (1) I can set up a remote desktop connection preference so that logging into a remote Windows machine sets the screen to the EXACT resolution of the screen I am using. (2) No one at the remote Windows machine can see what I am doing (and this requires no settings at all but is the default).



I know that Lion now supports virtual sessions through screen sharing. I have been able to activate this and use it, but it is still fairly confusing because it must be enabled for each and every connection, and it is still not obvious what the user is seeing at the remote Mac. I guess the default is to always leave the remote Mac on the login lock screen.



Also, I know that screen sharing on the Mac is more built as a collaboration tool rather than a remote login tool and that the default settings are there so someone can log in and help someone else with their issues. That's fine. But there ought to be a preference setting to flip the behavior to be more like Windows for those times when the Windows behavior is desired.

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