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I went on vacation a few days ago and in El Salvador, they have this mobile broadband sticks. Well, I was using one until it gave me a network error. After that, it shut down my computer entirely. The first time it happened, I didn't think much of it. I took the battery out and put it back in for it could work. It happened another two times, and after the third time, my MacBook stays stuck at the loading screen, and it will take 5-10 minutes on that screen, before it shuts down, or it wouldn't turn on at all. I've tried booting into safe mode, but it appears to not boot into it. I've tried resetting the Pram, and using disk utility, but that still won't work. I don't know what else to do to make it boot into  OS X  Lion.


I'm an AP student, and the majority of my work is in that computer, and it is very important! What can I do? Not only that, but I enter school in a few weeks and I need the AP work by the time I enter.


What can I do? Can someone help?


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7)
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