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My iPod touch 4G doesnt want to boot up, it's in infinite loop, (apple logo -> white screen -> apple logo), it exits recovery mode instantly so i cant recover it, and cant shut it down, any help please ? This happens after updating from 4.3.3 to 4.3.5    It just ignores recovery mode and keeps restarting, turns white screen for second and apple logo shows up again, im trying to fix it whole day.  So basicaly my theory is somehow something force it out of recovery mode :/  If it wouldnt force it out, it would restore

iPod touch
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    I maybe think that maybe ipod touch finally got into resovery mode without exiting that will maybe allow me to restore iOS which will fix iPod's boot which will maybe make me happy :/

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    I think your iPod Touch is ******, after having it for so long the hardware spontaneously dies, rendering your device useless. My stepmom's iPhone 3G suffered the same fate. So yeah, your iPod Touch is ******, have a nice day.