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How do I get rid of apps from icloud?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10

    You cannot.

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    are you referring to the purchased page? You can't (nor can you on icloud.com, if you are wondering)

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    yes, apple keeps a record for all you do on your idevices and on the store and on iTunes .. Because :


    Should you ever feel the need to have one of those items back, there it is. The problem is that sometimes Apps are removed from the store, or books are no longer available. But because you have paid for it, Apple keeps a backup of your property so that you can claim it any time, because it is simply yours.

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    Yup it is possible now. Check out this link: http://zytecworld.com/2011/11/21/hide-apps-from-the-app-store/


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    This is crazy! I had two "Sexual" apps downloaded and I have no idea how. I am totally against it and angry that all I can do is hide it! It is not something that I want associated with me. I downloaded a few "free" apps yesterday and then all of a sudden I was seeing those apps in my list. I am so angry I feel like throwning ALL of my APPLE crap out the window! Computer - iPad2 - iPhone4s - iPods multiple!


    I am very dissapointed in this sorry answer! I want to be able to contact the creators of the apps too. There is NO way anyone downloaded them as it would have to be ME...PLEASE add the functionality, for crying out loud!!!

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    On iTunes > Purchased

    The page where you see your purchased Apps, mouse over any App, an "X" will appear on the top left of the app icon, click to remove. I tried it before I wrote this.


    I never had apps I didn't purchase appear though. Since you have multiple iOS devices, someone at some point may have played a prank on you when you weren't looking.

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    I tried your suggestion and it allowed me to hide the app, not delete it.  My itunes account was hacked and I was charged for three apps that were downloaded.  I reported it, got a refund, etc...  Now I can't get the apps out of the icloud.  When I turn on itunes, the apps start downloading automatically... I'm able to stop the downloads but not delete the apps. Should I allow it to download then delete it?  It's in oriental characters so I'm not sure what the app is or if it's even safe..  Is there anything I can do??


    Thanks for any help!


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    It hides them but does not delete them...