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My movie I rented won't play when I plug it to the HDMI cable connected to my TV! It plays when it isn't connected to the cable. Please help me!!!

iPad, iOS 4.3.3
  • Macaby Level 3 Level 3

    Do you have an ATV2 connected to your TV?

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    Is your TV HDCP compliant? If not then you cannot watch when connected to the TV.



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    Did you ever get your problem solved? I bought the Apple Digital AV Adapter two days ago and it will not work with my first generation ipad either. I get a message on the ipad screen saying the video content is playing to the TV but nothing is on the TV screen. I have posted a question on the community page asking for help. So far no replies. Cant wait to get back into the Apple Store to tell them how bad their service is.

  • Macaby Level 3 Level 3

    gregfromwillagee wrote:


    I bought the Apple Digital AV Adapter two days ago and it will not work with my first generation ipad either.



    Before you go into the Apple store, you should check out the link above.  It CLEARLY states that the adaptor is ONLY designed to work wth the iPad2/IP 4S.  I have one and can state it works fine with my ATV2 and my Samsung Video receiver.


    However, that said, the performance of this adaptor leaves a bit to be desired.  Instead, I mainly use Air Play.

  • gregfromwillagee Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry Macaby your answer is wrong. Go to the attached link to Apple


    As you can see the add clearly states that the device supports video out for all apple devices.

    Not to mention that the guys in the Approved Apple Reseler store also said it would work. I think Apple is the only producer of electronic products in the world that does not support their own product. Thats why we are having this conversation. I am going back to the Approved Apple Reseler now to sort this out. No need to reply again If Apple cared they would be sending the reply. Good Luck

  • Macaby Level 3 Level 3

    You might be right or you might be wrong.  I thought this discussion was about "mirroring" and it DOES say on that page that this adaptor only supports the iPad 2 and the 4S.  Air Play is different and doesn't require one of these adaptors.


    I can tell you that I have the iPad 2 and this adaptor works fine plugged into a HDMI cable. However, on the limited times I do this, I prefer Air Play.  Thus, my adaptor has become an orphan.