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Okay, so today after playing guitar at church I unplugged all my guitar equipment and put it in my car. When i got home i was in a hurry and pulled my stuff out of the trunk and carried it to the living room, i pulled out my ipod touch and put it in the back of my amp not thinking anything of it (BAD IDEA). It sat about 5 inches away from a 15w speaker for about, maybe 25 mintues. When i came back i tried to push the home button to unlock it but the screen didnt turn on. I tried turning on the ipod and it did nothing. Then i plugged it in to make sure it wasnt dead and it still did nothing! I took it to my dad because i couldnt figure it out. I told him how i was careful with it all day and just sat it in my amp, then it clicked, i remembered the speaker has a powerful magnet in it and that mustve been what messed it up. i dont have the receipt but i bought it about 11 months ago at a walmart in troutdale, oregon and im wondering if theres any way to fix it, or if i can send it in and they can fix it? or can i get a new one without the reciept? please help im really dissapointed and "need" an ipod going into my senior year haha.


thanks, tyson

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