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I am running Lion on an new 2.0 GHz i7.


We are using Exchange 2010 SP1 and I have 2 exchange accounts setup in Mail. Every two weeks or so Iose all the emails in one of the accounts. After a few minutes Mail seems to realise, and startes resyncing all my emails. The mailbox is 2GB in size so this takes about an hour time during which Ihave no emails.

Fortunatly so far this has only happened while I'm working in the office but if it happened while Iwas work off-site it could take a lot longer to sync


The other exchange account has not had this problem.

iCal, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Since posting this Ihave archived my mailbox which has reduced it from 2GB to about 800 MB. I did have growlmail and dockstar addons running so I uninstalled them.

    It seemed ok for 4 days, and I installed herald which is a notification addon (hate the fact that mac mail doesn't have any kind of notification of new emails) and guess what the issue has occurred again.

    All emails dissappear and the whole mailbox has to re-sync.


    I'm getting really frustrated with this and am being forced to consider using Outlook Mac 2011, something Ireally don't want to do.


    Does apple actually look at these posts, can someone please help I really don't want to use Outlook