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I"m using Snow Leopard Server 10.6.8, and we've been having some permission problems.  If you go into a folder that has read-write access and open a file and make a change in the file, the system requires you to save it as a new file rather than just letting you save it and replace the existing files.  I've found that the files that have this issue are setup with "Custom Access" showing in their permissions section under "Get Info".  I don't know why or how it creates Custom Access but I'd like to be able to change it or make the server stop doing it.  Any solutions?  Thanks.

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    I've just upgraded to Snow Leopard (don't laugh...I know I'm a dinosaur..) and sometimes I need to over-write a file 10 or more times when I'm doing corrections.  It saves as a new file and adds another '.' at the end which is extremely frustrating! 


    Any help on how to go back to the old 'do you want to replace this file' box would be gratefully received!



    Take care