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Hi Folks,


I recently did a clean install of Lion on my MacBook Pro and I've chosen to not use Migration Assistant because I don't want to move over a bunch of cruft under my 4+ year old home directory (Tiger > Leopard > SL).  I've been very selective about the things I've moved over and all has gone well until I want to sync my iPhone.  I've transferred purchases from the iPhone but if I check Sync Apps, iTunes wants to wipe and re-install everything!  This wouldn't be a problem, except the time it would take to re-organize all my apps on the iPhone again.   (Side note: Please Apple, give us an "auto-organize" button for apps!)


Any idea how to move over my old sync data files to avoid having to nuke/reinstall my iPhone's apps?  Or is there another option to preserve how my apps are organizated?


Many thanks in advance,