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Hi all,


Just got a new iMac and didn't do a TimeMachine transfer from my old one, just manually moved all the folders over.  I had been using MPEG Streamclip to convert files to AppleTV and other things from my Elgato EyeTV HD. 


I read about the problem with Lion and the Quicktime MPEG2 component and got that to the Library just fine.  I am running the newest beta version of MPEG Streamclip (although this issue appeared on the release version too). 


After capturing something from EyeTV HD I go to open it in MPEG Streamclip and I get this screen:




No audio or video.


I can open these files in VLC but cannot open them in Quicktime X.  I remember a year or two ago when I got this all set up on my old iMac I had to do something weird to get this all to work but can't remember it.


Any help you could give me would be great. 

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    I would guess that MPEGStreamclip isn't seeing the MPEG2 component for some reason.


    The other thing that sometimes affects playback is 'user data' and it can help to check the play streams with user data in Advanced Preference section.



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    Lion buggered up one of my RAID sets the other day so I've switched back to Snow Lepard for time being.


    May be worth you asking in the Lion forum.



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    I don't have the elgato HD,(just the standard version), but I understood it creates h264 files rather than mpeg2 files so the mpeg2 playback component shouldn't be required.


    I haven't had any problems with mpegstreamclip under lion for both mpeg2 and h264 files (as well as others) and since you have issues with QuickTime as well I wonder if the problem is related to the files.


    I do wonder whether you might not be trying to convert standard definition files which are captured in mpeg2 (and have a similar nomenclature to that displayed on your screenshot) and are known to cause occasional issues for both mpegstreamclip and QuickTime.


    Incidentally, why are you using mpegstreamclip for this, eyeTV will convert your recordings to an Apple TV compatible format and even put them in iTunes for you, all without you even getting involved.