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I discovered all my Notes on my iPad (1) have disappeared.  Naturally, this is AFTER my 90 service.  I don't know if this is an iPad problem, and iOS problem or a problem with the Notes app itself. 

Apple seems to make it very difficult to report problems with this app.  It doesn't come up in the App Store, so can't report a bug there.  And it doesn't come up on the support page for built-in apps either. 

iPad, iOS 4.3.3
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    Have you checked that they aren't stored on one of your email accounts (have you tried logging onto your emails accounts on a browser and checking if there is Notes folder on any of them) ? Notes can be associated with an email account, so if you've removed the email account to which they are associated, or changed that account's settings, then the notes may not be accessible in the Notes app anymore, but may still be on the account.


    If that isn't the case then have you tried restoring your ipad from your last backup to see if that restores them ?


    You can leave feedback for Apple here : http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipad.html

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    After searching MacRumors, I found two issues:  1.  The Notes are set by default to "sync" with Gmail (and maybe other mail accounts, too).   I'm guessing this is so you can store lots of notes elsewhere to save space on the iPad.  So, the solution to prevent this appears to be to go to Mail settings, Gmail settings, and turn the Notes to OFF.

    2.  As suggested here and elsewhere, I found my Notes were in my Gmail account.  They were actually in the Trash folder and denoted by a colored "notes" label for each note.


    Not sure why Apple would decide to make this 'sync' feature a default setting.  The user should  be the one to decide to set it to ON, since there is no obvious explanation of this feature.

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    I opened Notes today to discover that all my notes had disappeared; I tried to remain calm.  When I came home I found your solution, in fact I had to delete my email account last week and set it up again . Sure enough, when I followed your directions I found the Notes folder in my emai account and there were all the  notes that were missing from my IPAD2.  Some of these notes were irreplaceable, I have learned my lesson.  Thank you very, very much for all the time you spend so I did not have to! 

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    THIS MIGHT HELP WITH THE PROBLEM OF IPHONE/IPAD NOTES DISAPPEARING - I had this problem on both my iPhone 3G, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 where all of my notes or part of them would disappear. Today I logged into my AOL email account online and I clicked on the NOTES folder and guess what? ALL OF MY LOST NOTES ARE THERE! Woo! Hoo! (spoken in the voice of Homer Simpson) Woo! Hoo! This might not be the case for you but check your email providers and your device to see if you are syncing to the NOTES folder with your email provider. I was so surprised when I found all of my lost notes in my AOL NOTES folder online. Goodness!

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    I found my lost notes in yahoo mail.  How can I get them back on my iPhone 4S and iPad 2?  Only some of the notes had been lost on devices, but all appear on pc in yahoo mail?

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    You might get better results if you were to post your own thread rather than resurrecting one that is over a year old (and addresses an issue on an earlier version of iOS).


    Yahoo has been a source of considerable issues when it comes to mail for the last couple of versions iOS. I haven't heard much specifically about Notes (and abandoned Yahoo mail years ago), but would assume and data synched would have issues if the mail delivery does. You might try checking your settings for the account to ensure you are synching Notes for it, and how it is synching.

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    Sorry and thanks for help!

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    My settings are correct and Notes is not workin properly so posting in a thread that is still an issue I would think to be proper. Only after the latest software update have my notes been disappearing and no note prior to 2013 is there. They were ALL there not even a month ago and back up to iCloud in settings. GET THE STUPID APP FIXED, Apple. Only one old note survives because I have been in it this last month.

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    Thanks guys, I got my lost Notes back by following your suggestion. Ya, what is Apple doing

    *** man, shocked for months as I keep loosing my new notes, but old one is still around.....

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    Just for a little expansion of DonGuerneville advice.  To turn NOTES off as he states:


    1) Go to SETTINGS


    2) go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars


    3) Under account to the top right of your screen, go to EACH account listed here.


    4) you will get a pop-up window which will list the following:








    Next to each entry is an on/off switch.  Here is where you turn OFF the Notes.


    If you do NOT do it for all Accounts listed they most likely will disappear into the accounts that were NOT turned off.


    One last point.  When my Notes first disappeared the first place I looked into was my Yahoo Account and they were NOT there.  Three weeks LATER is when they first appeared.  Why they delay, that is the new mystery....

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    This worked for me so far. My old notes (some) do appear at Yahoo so I will have to recopy them.

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    I lost newer notes, older ones remained on i-pad.


    I found them in my email folders, however not via the mail icon but via the home website.


    I have only had the i-pad for a few months and every time I have a problem I have been able to solve it via these posts, so many thanks.