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iPhone 4, out of warranty coverage, won't power on.

    1.    It has about 60% battery before it dead, but suddenly it became black screen and not responsive (like powered off).

    2.    Whatever I did, like "holding the power button and home button together for 10-25 sec and then pressing the power button again" etc. it just won't power on, no Apple logo!

    3.    But I can seen the "emergancy call" screen when I plugged it with my laptop and it just told me "No Service" at the upper left corner (status bar of iPhone 4).

    4.    iTunes can see it, but only when it was in Recovery mode or DFU mode.

    5.    I also tried to restore it to factory settings in iTunes, but it always gives me an error with various error codes, like 2001, 2006, etc. I also tried restore it under Windows or Mac, but was out of luck too!

    6.    Finally I bought a iPhone 4 battery replacement and replaced the old one with the new one, but nothing changed as if it wasn't replaced its original battery.

    7.    It keeps rebooting at every 10 min or so when It was plugged into my laptop without any operations (pressing any buttons).

    8.    It can be "powered on" only when it was plugged into a computer. It will IMMEDIATELY be in "dead mode" as long as I disconnect it from the computer (like taking out a battery from an iPhone that is powered on)!

    9.    Everything worked fine before it dead, I don't know what happened to it! I am so frustrated!


Please help! Thank you so much!

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    After exiting the recovery mode, it just keeps rebooting, all the time....

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    The next step is Dock Connector Assembly. Before even considering replacing it, clean it. Use a clean dry toothbrush to clean the Dock Port. See if this helps. If not, then with the toothbrush or a lint free cloth and some Isopropyll Alcohol, clean the Dock, especially the Pins which are on top of the mid rib. Let the Isopropyll Alcohol dry, 30 seconds to a minute. See if this helped. If not consider replacing the Dock Assembly. When you Restore again write down the exact Error Codes, because the ones you have listed, I have never heard of.

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    Thanks for your reply!


    Since iTunes can see it only when it in Recovery/DFU mode, whenever I plugged my iPhone 4 into my MacBook Pro, an dialog popped up that told me iTunes has detected an iPhone 4 needing to restore. After I clicked the resotre button, the iTunes "status area" telling me "extract the software" something like that, and the screen of iPhone 4 flashed for one time (very bright white screen without text on it, and then going back to totally black), and finally the iTunes error dialog showed up with error code 2006.


    I'll try the method you mentioned soon. Thanks!



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    I've tried your method, nothing happened.


    Feeling so hopeless, thinking to sell it as parts on eBay. sigh...

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    USB Problem, possibly bad Cable.


    I misread your original post "It keeps rebooting at every 10 min or so when It was plugged into my laptop".


    I thought you had a boot loop problem, but you say "rebooting when plugged into laptop" this is not the typical boot loop problem, because you had the iPhone connected to laptop.


    Connected by what, obvioulsy a USB Cable, Error 2006, is most often due to faulty USB Cable.


    Clean that Dock Port Very Well especially with Isopropyll Alcohol, get a good USB Cable, try a different USB port on computer, or try a different computer.

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    Yes, it maybe a boot loop problem or other hardware problem. Since it will be a "dead body" without connecting to the laptop, the boot loop only happens when the phone was plugged into the computer.


    I also tried different USB cables and USB ports on different laptops that I'm pretty sure they are all in good working condition.