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I recently upgraded to a Vimeo Plus account and attempted to upload a video from FCP X to my Vimeo account. It compressed the video to about 1 GB and tried to upload but it returned an error "Publishing to Vimeo failed because file ABC is too large".


I thought the file size limit is 5 GB?


Would appreciate if anyone can suggest anything I'm missing here.

Mac Pro Quad 2.66 GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • still_learning Level 3 (785 points)

    I am a Vimeo Plus user as well.  5GB is your weekly max that you can upload.  Individual files, however, have a smaller limit.  I could be mistaken, but I believe a single file cannot be longer than 1GB. Remember that Vimeo will re-encode your file to around 1.5Mbps and 720p to show it from the Vimeo site.  So, if you are encoding using some ultra high quality settings, you don't need to.  I encode to 1280x720 at 2 to 4 Mbps with 24 keyframes and it usually produces files that are around 400 MBytes to 600 MBytes for about 45 minutes of high def video.  Also, you might want to use their webpage uploader instead of the desktop uploader.  Folks have experienced problems with their new desktop uploader.  Best wishes.


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    Yeah I'd do a manual test. Share out the file as Export Movie, pick the H.264 setting from the Export drop down. Then upload that manually to Vimeo. It sounds more like an account limit issue than an FCP X issue. Unfortunately it seems X has no way to get feedback from Vimeo before trying to send a video- limit of the way that site works.

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    From Vimeo's FAQ:


    "With 5GB of storage space a week (5GB per file)"


    I did a manual test by uploading the file that Final Cut Pro X had created using Vimeo's web uploader. It worked.


    Definitely something wrong with the Final Cut Pro X/Vimeo Plus integration.


    I posted issue to Vimeo's support forum and one of their staff responded with this:


    "this is a limitation of Apple's software. We're working with them on trying to lift this limit to 5 GB but there's no telling whether or not that will happen."


    May be time to log a bug report.

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    I use Vimeo each week to upload the files I produce on FCP X ... but, I always render the final file using Export Using Compressor Settings in the Share menu.  I have my own custom setting for around 2Mbps, 24 keyframes, 1280x720, etc.  I never use FCP X's menu items to upload or interface to the site.  When my file is finished, I just go to my Plus account and choose Upload File from Vimeo's menu.  Never had a problem.  Best wishes.


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    Thanks, I understand and I'm certainly grateful that there is a workaround.


    However, I would like FCPX to do what I paid for it to do.

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    The thing is that FCP X doesn't seem to check to see if it's making a file too large nor does it have to way to confirm with Vimeo. So when in doubt, make your own output and upload directly. All Share to Vimeo does is that same thing in two steps. Might as well retain some control if it's not working.

  • Michael Tiemann Level 1 (10 points)

    Yet again, Apple makes something look easy, when in fact their software implementation makes it actually impossible.  Sharing to vimeo should work like a charm, and it doesn't.