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    Purplesage i dont know if this will help or is even in the ballpark but several months ago my daughter laptop also had that problem. The difference being her drivers were outdated and no longer available. My solution was to install vfl video player which in turn put all the new updated version of what she needed. Now she uses itunes but keeps vfl player installed. I hope this might help you .

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    I just had to reply to this thread lol.. I have an iphone 3GS. I've had it approx. 19 months. I don't remember exactly when I started getting the "Charging not supported with this accessory" error, but I know it was after I upgraded my IOS. I'm currently on IOS 5.1. I'm not saying that the IOS is what's causing the error on my phone, but I figured I should include as many details as possible.


    I took Finch's advice and used a soft dry brush to clean the port at the bottom of my phone, both ends of the cord, and the port on the adapter. Nothing changed. I went to the Apple store and they convinced me to spend $20 on a brand new cord. Fine. My phone charged without a problem that night. The very next day I started getting the same error message. That was maybe 2-3 months ago. I didn't go back to the apple store, because first of all its quite a drive, and 2nd of all the error message didn't appear every time. So I was satisfied that I could at least charge my phone 90% of the time without that message popping up.


    About 2 days ago, the error message became much more frequent. It would appear when I plugged my phone in to charge, or it would charge normal and then stop randomly and give me the error again.


    Today my patience reached its limit. I tried plugging my phone into the charger with no luck after 30 minutes. I tried airplane mode, no luck. I cleaned everything out with a soft brush again, fixed nothing. I plugged it into my brand new laptop. Still wont charge. My phone got down to 8%. I finally got ****** off and threw it at my floor. Plugged it in one more time, and VIOLA. It started charging and is now at 70%.


    The moral is: Throw your phone and hope for the best. Because apple sure as **** isn't going to help you..


    I'm being sarcastic.. don't throw your phones. But really, I'm going to the Apple store tomorrow because I've had it with this crap. I tried cleaning all ports and plugs and nothing has changed. I understand my device is old, but I have many friends with new iphone 4S's that have the same issue, some who had this error message within a week of having their phones.. I'm not going to say it's a hardware or software issue, or dirt that needs to be cleaned with a soft brush. I will say that I'm appalled that this thread has reached 11 pages and nobody from apple has said a word. They really aren't going to offer any kind of solution at all? Not a single word? I've always prefered iphones, but if I can't get a solution tomorrow when I go to the store out in Freehold, I'm going to start looking into Droid products..

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    jus t want to say that my no charging message hasnt appeared not once since i started using my original 3gs charger some time ago( still knocking on wood) so ARKARLA maybe whoever suggested several several pages back that this is a bug apple devolpers know about and arent fixing as a way to get back at all who jailbreak thier phones and godforbid stop apples control over thier iphone  maybe might have be on to something after all.

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    Hey everyone, (THIS IS VERY ODD)

    I get the same "charging not supported with this accesory" message, but I don't get it regularly. I have a 4th gen, 8gb ipodtouch and I used to think that I couldn't charge my ipod from any wall chargers. I discovered, several weeks ago that I could not charge from two different wall chargers anymore (one apple, one non apple, both ones that have worked for a long time and for multiple ipods). My ipod would either get drained by the charger itself ( I would charge it overnight and the ipod would go from 70-80% charged, to 20% charged the next day), or the "Fully charged" cable icon would show up in the top right hand corner even when it would be only 20-30% charged. Also, the battery in the top corner of the ipod (when unplugged) would be different from the big battery icon in the middle of the screen (when plugged in) by a difference of around 10-20%. Adding to that, the occational "charging not supported" message. However, my ipod would charge (using the exact same wires as before) on any computer i connected it too. Also itunes recognised it and it would charge and sync fine without any problem. I came to the conclusion that it was the either the outlet, or the chargers problem. I tried all of the outlets in my bedroom and none worked. Losing hope I finally decided to us my mom's charger that she used for her 3d gen ipod. I plugged it in to the room next to mine (using the same cables from before) and it worked!!! Is it possible that my two trustworthy wall chargers that allways worked until now, ones i got USED a year and a half ago, both coincidentially stopped working and broke at the same time? I have not tried my mom's charger in my room yet but I will. Does this help anyone? Probably not.. or maybe it does i dont know. But thanks for anyone who could try and help explain why my wall chargers stopped working while my mom's still did. Cheers



    P.S I got the IOS update (5.1.1)  monthes before these problems began so I do not believe that was the cause and nothing significant had been changed around the time the problems occured. and sorry if this is TMI haha

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    Your Right, Apple is just trying to get us an error, go to them and fix it to make money off of it! >.< My ipod gets dim and than normal, dim and normal, and than charging problem. wow apple's the best(Sarcasm)  .

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    Just an update, I went to the apple store to have my phone looked at. They said the dock at the bottom was clean(no dirt and debris). But my phone was getting close to 2 years old, and I didn't want to bother sending it out for repairs. I ended up going to AT&T and got an iphone 4. Even the guy at the AT&T store remarked on what excellent condition my phone was in considering it was so old and I only kept it in a simple slide-in "InCase" protective case. I'm sort of annoyed that my phone that was supposedly in such excellent condition resorted to not charging itself. I never did figure out exactly what the issue was. Nobody at the apple store seemed to know.. they tried to tell me to buy ANOTHER charging/USB cord.. HAHAHAHAHA- No.


    Anyway my new phone is in a $50 otterbox case that has little rubbed plugs to keep dirt and stuff out of the headphone jack, and the charging dock on the bottom. So if this phone stops charging I will know for a fact that it's not debris because there's no way for it to get in there lol..

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    I'm thinking firmware issue. My problems started with 5.1 plus Telenav GPS install. Has anyone tried shutting down all apps prior to charging? Firmware upgrade too sensitive to voltage variations? Verizon iPhone 4.

  • edscruggs Level 1 (0 points)

    Original wall charger works fine. Computer USB works fine. Auto aftermarket charger gets error message with Telenav active or running in background.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,010 points)

    I would think the diagnosis is obvious.

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    i have realized this after going through several internet forums, i have 2 ipads ( ipad 1 & 3) and all started to experience this after upgrading to firmware 5.1, now they are dead in my drawer, but what is really ******* me off is the silent apple!

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    %100 agree with you.  The Apple stores always treat me like I am the first person to ever experience this problem when I know I am not.  Even acknowledgment would be better than nothing, or a statement saying, we messed up and are working on it!  This ordeal has really soured me on Apple.  They have lost me as a customer and I even convinced my parents, brother and sister-in-law out of getting iPhones when they upgraded recently.

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    very bad apple!, and now..what should we do?! i am in Egypt and buying another cable is a little expensive, knowing that for sure the same problem will persist except if apple felt ashamed and started to fix this

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    Turned out to be faulty car charger. iPhone is operating properly.

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    I dunno what it is. My phone is out of warranty so apple won't help unless I pay them 30 bucks. So, looks like I'm on my own. I have tried 5 different chargers, numerous outlets and AC adapters. It's not my phone. I know that for sure. My iPhone 4 charged just fine with these cables and outlets. if there isn't an update to this soon, I'm selling the POS as for parts on ebay and getting another android. This is ridiculous. I should NOT have to deal with this. Apple is so far from advanced, my motorola startak is more reliable.

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    I've been thinking about this issue for awhile and I think Apple has answered, albeit by action rather than words, the questions people are asking about their chargers and the version of iOS they're running.  Applie is redesigning its cable for the iPhone 5; it's moving from a 30-pin connector to a 9-pin connector.  I have no idea why but I have some thoughts.


    There are 30 wires in the super-skinny wiring sheath of the iPhone cable; they have to be jam-packed.  Maybe there's inadequate shielding and signals are bleeding between the wires.  I know the wires in the cable connect to some very flimsy aluminum  connectors; perhaps they're intolerant of even the slightest effects of signal degradation caused by wiring issues.  Perhaps Apple changed to inferior components within their phones.  Perhaps it's a coding issue deep w/in iOS and it would be such a mess to fix that Apple just wants to ignore it.  Maybe it's a complex combination of factors.


    There can be a zillion reasons why people are having issues with their iPhones.  I think one thing is true, though.  Apple changing its iPhone connector tells me that it -- and by extension, its cable wiring -- are at least two suspects in the problems people have been having with their phones.  There may be other factors affected by the cable's integrity, but anything we posit is just a guess, unless someone on this thread can put a scope on a new cable and one that's used and is suspect to determine what role the cable actually plays in this iPhone saga.


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