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    I gave up on this issue months ago - after going into the Apple store and being told they knew nothing about this problem and therefore there wasnt one " so it was just me being a problem customer"! - so guess what I decided I'd had enough of Apple's attitude so left them. Now really happy with my Samsung galaxy 3 - its has style and works plus so many apps are foc its great. Plus got a much more cost effective monthly plan on contract reduced outgoings by £12 per month and phone FOC plus £250 for the iphone and more mins, txts and unlimited data download.


    Apple will have experience life like Blackberry and Nokia before customers are considered important. But it will happen I am sure it always comes around

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    This may be close to the truth PurpleSage, however, my observations are thus: I can rule out the cable because in my quest to find a cure for this probelm I have tried using a third party cradle device which utilises the original Apple USB plug and which connects directly to the iPhone dock connector which elminates the use of a cable altogether. This problem still remains.


    PurpleSage wrote:


      Perhaps it's a coding issue deep w/in iOS and it would be such a mess to fix that Apple just wants to ignore it.  


    I've pretty much ruled this one out too, as at one point I did a completely factory restore. At the point when there was no iOS on the phone and it was only running on Firmware I still received the same message. I therefore deduced from that is it is software related it and is Firmware rather than iOS.


    As point of interest I've also ruled hardware ie: dock connector as I had this replaced with a new one which did not resolve the problem.


    A response from Apple on this would be most appreciated as I am currently now using a Samsung Android phone until the iPhone 5 comes out.

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    Been readiong through the long thread of posts on this charging issue and it has gotten me pretty discouraged about my iPhone. 


    Right now I can charge fine with my AC charger, but as of this moring am down to only my home desktop that this iPhone will charge through via the USB port.

    Previous USB connections that worked (like my USB port in my Ford) prior to my upgrading to iOS5.x have been dropping out one at a time.  Sometimes I get the "Device is not supported" message, sometimes nothing.

    My connector ports are clean and my cable are fine.

    This is a major problem, as I travel a lot and need to be able to charge through USB. iPhone battery is not robust enough to get me through the day.

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    Hello as youve read i tried EVERYTHING posted even put my phone in the drawer. Still a few weeks ago i bought an original apple 3gs usb and wall charger from iphonethings a company from ebay. Imcounting down it has been 5weeks and 3days since i recieved the message at all. Not once nada but i have noticed or maybe im going deaf a little that since charging message stopped my speakers arent as good as they used to be. Maybe something else is to blame but at least im not getting message and my phone charges just fine.

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         Usually the problem is caused by the plug or orifice being fouled by small particulates.


        99 times out of 100, you can solve the issue by blowing really hard on the plug and into the orifice.


         No tongue required.


          ( yes, really )



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    This happens to me also, but only when I use the car charger. The car charger worked fine up until recently. All my wall chargers work fine, so it's not the fact that my ports need cleaning ....

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    Well, it seems that cases play a part in this... I had my otterbox on when I was trying to charge it, but then I took it off and it now it seems to be charging find with just my simple silicone case on it... Or maybe my 3GS took my threat seriously because it knows that I won't even hesitate to get rid of it like I did with my iPhone 4...

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    im done with the iphone ive always loved my 3gs but im done.... it will now be an awesome ipod/web browsing tool i can mess around with while i watch tv at home as for my new phone i think im going to go buy a droid. If its any consolation i believe the problem has to be software as i went from being able to charge on any powered usb slot in my home to only now using my psp charging adapter works great though lol just kinda sad well sorry apple you lost my buisness with this.

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    oh here some more awesome news now my iphone wont even update im sure it has something to do with this aswell so now i have a dead usless phone so thats awesome...

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    how to fix error charging is not supported with this accessory ipod touch/iphone




    It worked for me

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn't help :-(

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    Update: Over the last few days I have been using an iPad charger. This works perfectly every time, nothing else does. This all started with the last iOS and firmware update.


    For those interested my 3Gs has had a new battery, new dock charger, new leads has had a factory reset and I tried every other tip listed on the thread. ONLY the iPad charger has been effective in curing this problem.

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    I had the same problem as everyone here. I have an iphone 3gs running ios 5.1.1 and everything was fine until  my original apple usb-dock cable developed a dodgy connection and became impossible to use. Rather than buying a genuine apple cable for 15 pounds or whatever I decided to opt for a non genuine 99 pence one of ebay. The new cable worked fine with the iphone when plugged into the mains but when plugged into my pc after about 2 mins I would get the message "charger is not supported whith this accessory". I then went on good old apple communities and found this page, tried your method because I remembered thet I had a controller with 2 usb 2.0 ports installed in my pc, and it worked ! the iphone will charge happily now when plugged into to my pc.


    Interesting, my old apple cable as I remember never had any problem charging my iphone regardless of which usb port I used, so maybe the solution also lies in bad or cheap cables and chargers, who knows, any way thank you so much bubblychik22 for providing a solution for me.

    Giant peeje.

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    Mr. Lawrence could be right. I had a similar problem with my iPhone 4, but it was saying "This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone". That message kept appearing even if there was nothing connected to the iPhone. I solved the problem by cleaning the charging port with some sort of contact spray cleaner, a tootbrush and compressed air. Never had a problem since then. Also, after i cleaned the charging port i used a silicone cover like the one in the picture, to prevent dirt and moisture to get in.


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    Thats a good idea J*Smith I think ill give my iphone's charging port a good  clean with some proper cleaner not just a tooth brush because I can never seem to get all the dust out, it can't hurt can it. The silicone cover that you use to prevent dust from entering the charging port, does it do the job ? because I could do with something like that for my iphone because dust seems to find its way into the charging port faily easily and I find myself having to regually clean it out. Does the cover work well and how much would you pay for one ?

    Giant peeje.

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