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    Hey iPhone users,

    If you are facing problems like this "charging is not supported with this accessory"

    1. Check your power supply socket, charge iPhone with another Socket.

    2. Check your iPhone adopter (Charger), Replace it with original iPhone accessories "

            "Don't use any other brand adopter it will damage your bettery"

    3. iPhone original charger not available?

        Now Find the USB charger from Market. Must have these features,

          Input 100-240Volts, 50-60Hz

           Output 5volts,  1Ampere



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    I believe this is a software issue ...... I had no problems with my 3GS and now I have the iPhone 4, recently done the software update to iOS6 and now I get 'charging is not supported with this accessory'. I have 2 iPhone chargers, I have tried them both lugged in to the wall in different rooms of my house, my computer at work, my laptop and I get the error in all the above!! There is a new update out for iOS6.0.1 .... going to update now and see if I still get the error.


    I was thinking of taking it to Vodafone or to the Apple store but after reading some of these posts I think I would be wasting my time as nobody seems to want to help. I think I will just need to put up with this until I can upgrade in March and I think I will be leaving Apple ..... it's shocking that they haven't acknowleged this error and sent out a fix for it.

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    I am in agreemrent this is a softwear issue.  I have the origina Apple charger and this just started happening today. I did update to the ios 6.0.1 a few days ago.  

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    I'm getting that error message when I'm not connected to anything! Any ideas please?

    PS - I'm able to charge normally when I do connect...

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    My problem was sorted out when I plugged my iPod Touch 4th gen into a cord for the iPod nano 5th gen. It charged perfectly- the end that plugs into the iPod was a bit bigger too.

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    Been having same problems my self, on ipod touch. Never had problems until update to iOS 5.1 and presto no charging on the dock its been happy with since the day i bought it.

    There may be some people how's problem has been dirt in the connector but there are a vast number of people who's problem is software.

    I have not gone through every page on this very long post... but has apple at any point made comment on this problem on this post which is on its own 'SUPPORT' page / community page.

    I think apple should look up the meaning of support and after sales support.... this has been going on to long for them not to have sorted there fault out.

    Its a shame people still rush out to buy the latest apple product... if sales fall may be just may be, then they would look at this type of post and see why.

    Sorry for rant people, this just really winds me up... any good programmer could sort this out, if you know one send them to apple

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    Loki00001 wrote:


    Its a shame people still rush out to buy the latest apple product... if sales fall may be just may be, then they would look at this type of post and see why.


    That's only happening in the US.  Android phones, Samsung in particular, is wiping the floor with Apple  internationally, despite Apple's attempts to prevent Samsung from marketing their latest Galaxy Note phones and tablets around the world.  Regardless of what Apple says, some of the patents it was granted should never have been granted.  Take, for example, the US patent(s) that were granted for the beveled edges that Apple uses.  Really???  No other smartphone or tablet can have beveled edges?  They all have to be thick and square?  GMABFB!!


    Customers will allow themselves to be manipulated and mistreated by  companies for only so long.  I think that time has come for Apple.  IMNSHO, Apple's arrogance, control obsession and customer indifference are beginning to hurt them.  Look at a share price history chart for Apple and you'll see what I mean.


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    Purple sage  I am in total agreement with you. I can't for the life of me understand why after the humungous amount of complaints this thread has generated WHY people are still buying apple products blindly.I was one of the ORIGINAL people to start this post many many eons ago and still no solutions or comments from ANYONE associated to my knowledge at apple up to this point. Also the android market has improved so very much in the last few months that apple had better open thier eyes and see the competetion is closing in, but then again we're talking about a company that seems to think it's immune to going bankrupt. Well im done beating this dead horse so ill stop now. Buy iphones expect problems dont expect solutions.

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    Apple needs to fix the ISSUE whatever it is!!!There are people who have this problem,who may not be able to afford an additional overpriced phone, to continue their 2 year wireless agreement.My company will not budge on prices and im not eligable for iphones for a penny since i cant sign a new 2 yr agreement for the same line.GREEDY,GREEDY,GREEDY corperation their greed is unbelieveable.I really beleive the problem is this:phone breaks,customer buys new phone=$$$$$$$$$ for apple.


    Does anyone wonder how smart the smart phone company is???


    I dont wonder at all!! They have built,marketed an sold a product that is soooooo smart,that it actually keeps generating revenue,all by itself......does anyone else see that if they can make a phone that does all the wonderfully addicting things that it does,im sure they can program it to cause you to spend more money!!!

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      Wow a smartphone that is so smart is has MADE people run out and buy it in droves!! That is smart indeed. This thread is getting no where and has turned into a place just to release anger at apple who doesnt bother to care. If you want to make them listen buy an android, they work just as well are competively priced and have live wallpaper for the screen, although i dont know if they're smart enough to MAKE you buy them yet.

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    I have to agree, this is definitely a software issue, either designed by apple (yes... conspiracy theories are rampant!) or just an unhappy coindecence.


    I have 3 "non-apple original" cables, 1 apple cable and a non-apple car charger. Until I updated to the latest software, all cables worked well, phone charged and no issues.


    Since I updated, I can only charge thru my computer or wallplug using the apple cable.  However, my friend has the same phone but hasn't updated ios in eons and it works using all cables and the non-apple car charger.  Funny how this is....  I am close to binning my phone and getting an android.  I will NEVER recommend apple products again.  There is a blatant disregard for their users as this issue keeps getting reported and nothing happens!!!!!

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    It's happening to me but I'm not sure it's a software issue. It started happening after I got the lightning to 30-pin adapter. I'd attach the adapter when charging my phone at home, and take it off when charging the ipad. Most of the time, I'd get the "charging is not supported with this device" message when I never had a problem with that cable before. No problems charging the ipad at work with another cable. I had bought the adapter so I didn't have to carry the iphone cable around with me all the time. I guess I'll have to get another cable for charging the ipad at home.

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    My wife and I have noticed this when using a dual USB car charger (non Apple).  This is what we have -


    It only happens when I plug my phone in at the same time as hers.  I think it's clearly not providing enough power to the phone - not a software issue.  This wasn't always a problem but perhaps today's phones have larger power needs.  This only provides 500 mA per port.

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    iPhone 4. just upgraded from iOS 5 to 6.0.1 on Dec 13 because Google Maps became available.

    Original wall charger was working on Dec 14, all of a sudden got the "Charging is not supported with this accessory" message on Dec 16 when trying to charge with battery was down to 38%.

    100% positive it is a software issure.  My wife's exact iPhone 4 running iOS 5 (did not upgraded yet) can still use the same wall charger with no issue.  Found a temporary fix on YouTube by turning on Airplane Mode, turn off phone, plug into laptop, turn on phone, turn off Airplan Mode.  This fixed the issue as long as I did not reboot the phone.  Will play with it some more when I get home tonight.  Also notice the battery was draining a little quicker.

    I hope Apple is READING this on their OWN website, so that a software FIX is coming out soon. 

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    I hope Apple is READING this on their OWN website, so that a software FIX is coming out soon...

    LOL you wish !

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