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    Hi.  I have learned a lot about computers over the years, but I cannot answer your question with any certainty unless I had Apple's charging schematics and circuit parameter information.  That being said, I would tell you that I have bought lots of stuff online to use with my computers, cables included.  The Chinese vendors make some incredible copy-cat knockoffs.  Some are so good as to be virtually indistinquishable from the original.  So if the cable looks exactly the same, you could only tell by using electrical test equipment.  Since I've only spent typically a couple of bucks on such cables, if they work I keep them, if they don't, I toss them.  One cable I bought refused to transmit data, but worked fine as a charging cable.  If you are always having trouble with charging, I would again recommend a trip to an Apple store if you can do it, they will check it out for free.  You other way might be if you have a friend that has the original Apple charger and cable, and try theirs on your phone.  If that solves the problem, then the only way to be sure is to get a cable from Apple or an authorized reseller.

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    So I use my Iphone4 as a WiFi enabled device only.  Since upgrading to IOS 6, I started getting the infamous "charging is not supported with this accessory" error message when ONLY using my Pure i20 DAC.  Phone is set to Airplane mode and ALWAYS charges fine with the supplied Apple Charger or using same cable charging USB into my home computer.  I have always cleaned all my connectors as well.


    So, this leads me to believe that in my case it is most definitely an IOS issue.  Bottom line?  I moved onto a Samsung S3 as a phone last fall and never looked back.  Only kept the Iphone4 at all since I had previously purchased the DAC. 

  • myhero0 Level 1 Level 1

    So for the heck of it, I updated to IOS 7.0.2 and the message, when docking my Iphone4 onto my Pure I20 has now changed:


    "Charging from this accessory may not be supported"


    So as far as I am concerned (for my situation) this is IOS, Apple does indeed suck by not addressing this in the very least.

  • Silverer Level 1 Level 1

    As with anything, responses from manufacturers come either because they are paying close attention to their customers, and they want to keep them happy, or it begins to affect their bottom line.  The good news is that we all have alternate choices.  You don't have to own an iPhone, or other products from any company if you don't like them.  So far for me, this battery issue has been a minor issue I run into infrequently.  But there are multiple things to consider.  Apple has done some stuff that doesn't sit well with me aside from this iPhone issue.  The long time Apple fans will know what I mean.  If you've come from Classic, you've probably noticed the changes.  The computer is slowly morphing from a working tool to a shopping/marketing tool.  Recently, my sister put a brand new Mac mini into service.  Update notifications came, and she couldn't update.  She called, and told me they were asking for credit card information.  I thought some scammers had gotten into her machine, so went over the upgrade process on the phone with her.  Sure enough, to get OS updates, you are required to set up an Apple I.D., and give them a valid credit card.  No, she was not charged for the updates, but Apple made sure she was ready to shop at the iTunes store.  I don't know how happy people will be if this effort intensifies.  I already bought almost everything I need to build a very fast Linux box.  Some of the new Linux distros, such as Cinnamon, have gotten sterling reviews, and are more plug and play than ever. So, bless the competition.  It helps keep us happy.

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    When I first received this error, I thought it was a software error.  It behaved like a software error.  I thought it was iOS.  I thought it was a compatibility issue w/ my machine's OS (Vista) and iTunes or one of several of the supporting services that get installed and loaded at boot-time.


    I spent hours reinstalling iTunes; jiggling my charging/data xfer cable; looking for compatibility issues between Windows updates and iTunes; and looking at potential compatibility issues between my wireless network drivers and iTunes.  I came to believe it was a compatibility issue with my wireless network driver and iTunes.  I was downloading app updates to my machine, pulling out my network device from the USB slot, rebooting, launching iTunes (so I could xfer my app downloads to my phone (4S) and then plugging my network device back in.  The crazy thing is that it would work.


    One day, not only did I not receive this error anymore, or any of the other errors I received from iOS and/or iTunes, I didn't get anything.  Nothing.  Zero.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  Not even so much as the little beep that told me it was charging.  It wouldn't charge at all.


    What to do?  I found what many other said to be the best iPhone repair spot in my city (Atlanta, GA), and took my phone there.  The tech tested it by plugging it into his own Mac and received an error he'd never seen himself.  He told me he'd take a look at it.


    USD $60+ later, my phone was working as advertised.  The culprit?  The charging port; it had "gone bad".  The port, though, is also connected to ribbon cable that connects to the home button and, I believe, the speakers, too.  The hardware design is really amazing if you've ever seen an iPhone's innards.  But I digress.


    To make a really long story short, those of you who are having charging problems with your iPhones, or other problems as I did, go to a well-regarded mobile repair shop.  If they're legitimate and respectable, they will not charge you if the part replacement does not fix the problem.


    I was amazed at how muich this issue looked like a software problem to me.  I tried to figure it out for months on my own.  Had I not taken it to a good repair shop, I never would have figured out the issue on my own.  It was worth the $$ I spent to get my phone working again.


    Yes, I had, and still have, my phone insured (in case it gets stolen).  All insurance does, though, is allow you to get a refurbed iPhone, not a new replacement.  I'd rather spend the $ to fix my own phone than gamble on getting a replacement with even more issues than mine.


    So...  The bottom line is this:  Those of you having charging and synching issues with your phones, it very well could be your charging port.  Do yourself a favor and have someone who really know what they're doing with iPhone hardware check it out.


    I'd imagine, since the US Federal Government has seen fit to debase the US dollar as it has, those of you living in other countries may spend less than I to fix your phones.  Of course, if your countries have a VAT, you may need to spend as much as or even more than I.  But you probably will have a working phone once again, too, and at a price much less than buying a new one.


    By the way, Samsungs, at least S3s, are not repairable the way iPhones are.  If you have a hardware issue with an S3, you most likely will need to trash it and buy a new one.  Samsung solders hardware components together; when the solder breaks or disintegrates, that's it.  There's a reason they don't feel as solid as an iPhone, aside from the fact they're made out of plastic.


    Good luck.


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  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    Thanks for the thorough follow-up; I'm sure it will help people with this problem.

  • Steph nole Level 1 Level 1

    I think i have an answer, when you pull out the usb cord from your phone, you put strain on the wires. Try pushing the wire and the plugging top of the cord together. Worked for me :)

  • tmratwork Level 1 Level 1

    i got same error, for me it was a hardware issue.  after i plug in cable, i pull up on the cable end (while slightly pushing down on the device) and recharging starts.  if i let go of cable end, the device stops charging.

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    The solution that worked for me: unplug USB from AC adapter, then plug it partially in, until the battery charging icon appears. If I plug it further in the dismiss message appears, but if I keep it there, somehow the software does not trigger the message, and it will keep recharging.


    My problem by the way is charging with the adapter. Charging on my PC works on one of the USB outlets, and not on others. My device is a 3GS running iOS 6.1.3

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    That's a hardware problem with either the adapter itself or the cable. The contacts on one or both are worn, or there's a broken wire in the cable.

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    I totally believe in the hardware causing the problem,especially when the hardware is brand new!

    Here is what it is,


    Apple wants you to only buy and use their replacement chargers and charging ports for their products,anyone having this issue,go buy an "apple" replacement charger,and watch your problem disappear!


    Unless of course your charging port is truly damaged then you will need to replace that also,but for the most part this started happening to me when the original charger broke,like they all do,and I bought a cheap aftermarket one,went back to an original apple product,and wallah hasn't happened since!


    Don't doubt the ability of apple to manipulate their products to their advantage!


    Is it right??? Is it ethical??? Who's to stop them!!


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    This has to be the longest running thread....EVER. I posted on this well over a year ago. I tried everything, including replacing the charging port, to no avail. Honestly, the only solution I've found is to get a new phone. Sorry, I know that answer *****. The problem didn't start for me until I upgraded the iOS and I truly believe this is what caused it and I truly believe it wasn't accidental considering Apple refuses to even acknowledge there's a problem.

  • gciriani Level 1 Level 1

    I would exclude the cable from your hypothesis, because I did not touch the cable. It consistently charges with the plug half way in. After that, if I push it all the way in the message appears.


    As for the the second one of the possibilities you put forth, I have to thank you because your suggestion made me look for schematics of the charger cable, and I found this with relative work around.

  • DJKid555 Level 1 Level 1

    I know why.Take a looker close to your Iphone charging slot.If you see that it has got damaged,fix that at the Service for phone fixing

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    Keep in mind that the above solution circumvents the protection feature of the Apple cable. Earlier this year someone died from electrocution because they used an off-brand charger.

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