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Ametis Level 1 Level 1

I have two questions regarding sent folder in mail

1. Every time i sent email from my blackberry, the sent folder in mac (i use mail apps) only shows sender's name (which is my name). How to change into the recipients name?

2. Is there a way to manage where blackberry or other smartphone arrange the sent folder? I use blackberry and samsung galaxy s2. And i have 3 sent folder, which i want to merge into only 1 sent folder.


Thanks guys

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7), Blackberry and samsung galaxy s2
Solved by Ametis on Oct 9, 2012 2:01 AM Solved

Guys... i think this problem is solved using Mountain Lion. I upgraded to ML and voila.... i can see whom i sent email to. Even if im sending it using my blackberry.


thanks guys.

Reply by nwriko2 on Oct 31, 2012 2:01 AM Helpful

i'm not sure this is what evryone is looking for but it certainly solved the issue for me.


Here's how :


STEP 1. On your mail app side menu click on your gmail sent mail folder (all your sent mail will appear on the right with sender name as supposed to the name of the person you are sending it to)

STEP 2. Move your cursor to the top of the screen (main menu) and click on  "Mailbox" navigate to the bottom of the menu and chose "Use This Mailbox For" and pick : "sent"




hope it helps some of you.  if so pls let me know

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  • Ametis Level 1 Level 1

    Nobody has the same problem with me? Im surprise....

  • dPod Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem as #1, unrelated to any Blackberry issues.  In the new column view, the message list for my sent mailbox displays the sender name, which is always me (not helpful).  The only way to see whom the emails were sent to is to click on each invididual message or switch the preferences back to classic view.  Changing the sort to "To" doesn't even show the recipient.


    I'm also surprised that I there aren't more complaints about this.  I like the new Mail, but this is a severe glitch.


    UPDATE: I have multiple email accounts.  Twirling down the Sent folder in the Mailbox column to display the separate Sent mailboxes and then clicking on one of them seemed to reset something.  Now the recipient is listed even when I go back to the all-encompasing Sent mail list.  I'll see if the problem reoccurs.


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  • hmsolomon Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem - I only see the sender's name, send date, subject and a few lines from the sent email when I view the Sent folder.  I've tried to find the View option to select other fields to see in this view - no luck.  I only want Recipient, subject, date and a few lines of the email.   I may just go to the Genius bar since this one stumped this one-man-band.

  • dPod Level 1 Level 1

    I no longer have the problem with my primary sent mail folder, as described, although it definitely sounds like a bug.  On the other hand, I do wish that the recipient would be listed instead of me, the sender, in archive folders.  A little "to" icon and the receipient's name would be a nice (and obvious) feature for folders that are a mix of received and sent mail.

  • - fabius - Level 1 Level 1

    I have the problem too.

    I use Gmail account, so in Mail I can see two "sent" folders: the local one (the one with paper-airplane icon), and the Gmail one.

    Local "sent" folder displays correctly the recipient, but Gmail "sent" folder shows the sender name, my name..

    I haven't found a way to make Mail display the recipient instead.

    Hope someone has the solution!

  • donaldfromstonehaven Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem; paper airplane Sent folder showing the recipient and in my case, the Sent folders under "ON MY MAC" showing the sender (me) instead of the recipient. 

    Go to Mail Preferences, then Viewing and check the top box "Use classic layout".  You can then right click in the header bar immediately above the list of emails and choose "To" as one of the headers.

    I only noticed this problem today and can't remember having it previously.  Is it glitch in Lion?

  • - fabius - Level 1 Level 1

    Actually it works, but when I deactivate "Classic layout" it loose the setting.


    I opened the file info.plist of my mailbox.

    ~/Library/Mail/V2/[...]/[Gmail].mbox/Posta inviata.mbox/Info.plist


    The content looks like:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">

    <plist version="1.0">







              <string>Posta inviata</string>







    Maybe there's an attribute used to display a particular header...?...

  • treaders Level 1 Level 1
    Apple Watch

    I am experiencing the same problem.

  • treaders Level 1 Level 1
    Apple Watch

    Classic view works correctly and you can add a To: column but soon as you uncheck this option in Preferences, the view switches back to From: (or Senders' name). Strange.

  • mdvp Level 1 Level 1



    I'm a new mail app user... Does anyone had the answer/solution for this problem??


    I have 3 different email boxes and tens of emails sent every day. I've created new mailboxes to move and save old emails. Whenever I have to look for a specific email I've sent to someone... it's quite impossible to find because it's all listed by sender (my name)!!!


    I've tried and experienced the same thing as treaders (Classic view works correctly and you can add a To: column but soon as you uncheck this option in Preferences, the view switches back to From: (or Senders' name)). It's really strange!!

  • daddulin Level 1 Level 1

    I have the exact same problem as everybody else, but with NO hope for the moment.

    Why no hope? Because I went to a Genius bar and... the guy was shocked to discover the issue, he called his mates, and non of them had a solution.

    The reply was: "you found a bug, pal, write to Apple: thet'll investigate...".

    Write to Apple?

    They'll investigate?

    YOU call NOW Apple and ask NOW for a solution for an obvious matter...

    I think Windows '95 Outlook Express handled the matter without a glitch...

    2012 - Lion - MacBook Pro 15" - SSD - 8Gb Ram - a lot of money - and I can't view and archived outbox via Recipient order instead of Sender (myself???.

    Come on, Apple, PLEASE...!!!

  • Twain23 Level 1 Level 1

    I can't add anything here, but I'm also stumped by the same problem.


    It's not life or death for me, but it is wildly inefficient and I keep thinking I must be missing something....

  • hfromga Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem but it doesn't happen all the time.  But when it happens all I do is Quit Mail and reopen it.  This makes Mail to show the recipient names in the Sent folder again.  Have to do this every time it happens.

  • alanomaly Level 1 Level 1

    Sounds like this problem is still unresolved?


    Here's a long shot. Are any of you guys using workplace email accounts, where emails are stored on a Microsoft Exchange Server? I'm seeing the exact same problem on a Lion mac at my office running Outlook for Mac 2011. It seems like a funny conincidence that two different mail programs could have the same weird bug, so maybe the bug is actually further upstream - something to do wth the communication between the operating system, network, and mail server?


    Maybe the 'Sent mail' folder data is being loaded from the server in a way which doesn't flag up that it's a sent mail folder, which then causes various email clients (Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac) to get confused and treat it like a regular folder, listed by sender?


    Just a thought. If this is the case, the fix won't be in Apple Mail (or, in my case, in Outlook), but will be in something further upstream. This would also explain why some of us have this all the time, but lots of people have never even heard of the issue.


    If you guys could share any known details about the account types that have this problem and how the data is retrieved (and also, any acount types that don't have this problem) we might edge closer to finding a fix.

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