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Well, it looked to me this was going to be the first itteration of iCal server that could be serioulsy used as a company calendar. Unfortunately, it looks more and more like the server portion is working fine, but it falls apart on the client side.


The server's webcal client just does not work right. Put in recurring events add some attendees and you are begging for trouble. After less that a week of trying to use it I've got several users who can't even see their calendar online anymore (Just spins and says loading). The sad part is Apple plainly has code that will work in a browser, they use it in MobileMe & iCloud. Why is the Mac Server such a second class citizen?


It works fine from a Macintosh, but my Windows users seem to be out of luck. I've tried Sunbird, Lightning, emClient and everything else that had a chance at working--but none are a comparable solution.


Note to Apple: You can say you're using an Open Standard all you want, but if there is not a viable client for Windows most companies can't use it! How about you release an iCal client for Windows!

Mac OS X (10.7)