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Was it an error? Yes, but Here I am Anyway, so...


I had used the same login password for a long time on my G5 Dual 2.7 Mac, running OS-X 10.5.8.


Circumstances changed and I needed to change the password quickly (The wrong person did a shoulder peek)... Then My Life Blew Up. Its 2 years later now and I cannot remember the login..... It Does get Slightly Better.


I had a second user account on the machine that wasn't changed and I was able to login under that account which had management authority.... and I found I could "Reset The Password" on my Primary Account (Where ALL my Data is) .... but you get that little warning that this will change EVERYTHING ..... EXCEPT, the Login Keychain.......


So Here I am in some sort of Pergatory. I can login and use (Most) of my stuff, Some still asks for the Login Keychain, but even the stuff that Does work I have Problems with as the Computer is CONSTANTLY Popping Up a Login Screen (Twice Now Just Since I Have been Typing This) and that box superceeds anything you are doing, so Videos shut down, documents get typed into the password field of the box, etc.


I generated a list of the 3 Major Likely Passwords and the 60, or so, variations on those themes and tried them all. No Luck. Is there a way to reset the login keychain...without logging in to the kaychain?, or any other workaround so I can get things back to normal??



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    Hi Jeff, long time no see!


    1. Insert the Mac OS X Install disc, then restart the computer while holding the C key.


    2. When your computer finishes starting up from the disc, choose Change Password from the Installer menu up at top of the screen. (In Mac OS X 10.4 or later, you must select your language first.)


    *Important: Do not click Continue in the first screen of the Installer. If you do, you must restart from the disc again to access Change Password.*


    If you don't have that Install Disc there are other ways.

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    Close, but it looks like No Cigar. (FYI, I tried to reply via email, don't know if it worked, don't see it posted here, so I'm making sure with this)


    Currently have my Mac still on the installer screen.... Holding in hopes of a faster than light reply (fingers firmly crossed)


    Have the install disk, used it as suggested, went to the menu's and found "Reset" password, but no "Change" psw. Figured it's what you meant anyway and did it, got the same warning message when it finished (won't change the login keychain)


    There is another button at the bottom of that reset psw box that said "Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACL's" but it describes returning things to factory default settings..... And that usually means you loose data, so that one make me weak in the knees. Didn't try it, still holding at the installer screen right now.


    My menu on the installer screen only showed useful stuff under the "Utilities" title

    Under Utilities are the following options

    Startup Disk

    Reset Password

    Firmware Password Utility

    Disk Utility


    System Profiler

    Network Utility

    Restore System From Backup


    So what's suggestion #2??


    Thanks Jeff

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    Hmmm, #2...


    Reset OS X Password Without an OS X CD...



    Admin Hack...



    Starts up like the first time you buy a new Mac, but after filling in all that info again, you should have access to the computer and the other Users & files will still be there... give the new User a different name than an existing one.


    We should have new admin accounto work from then at least.

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    Well. the deeper I dig the Deeper the whole seems to get.


    I followed both of your links, The first one seemed straight ahead, but the reviews below it had LOTS of people saying it didnt work, and several saying All Their Data got Wiped Out ?? YIKES. The Second link, While more involved had fewer (red flags?) from people... and several other "Experts" offering quicker solutions, up to nd including a free download of a password cracking program..... Yeah, I know


    Anyway, all this made me think the less invasive the solution, the better. If something goes wrong, less "wrong" happens. The password hack, just copies a file from your drive that has the encrypted password in it, then chews on it till it gets something. Having an old PC Laptop I don't care about (Just in case something goes foo bar) makes it safe as I extract the data file and the "Hacker Program" never even resides on my Mac...... but its a **** of a process and can take hours to days to crack.....(Your Shaking Your Head right about now, Right?)


    One piece of offered advice from one of those web pages you sent me to hit me as VERY SIMPLE..... but I thought it Might Just Be Smart to run it past you first, in case there are (Ut-Ohs) involved in the process?



    copied text:

    Alternately you could reset an admins password by doing this:

    login to single/root user mode via command s A.K.A apple S and type this:

    mount -uw /
    ls /Users
    (at this point find an admin and remember his exact name)

    type: passwd (admin account name)
    type password (it won’t show up on screen) and retype
    reboot and login to the account.


    Now If this works??? MAN THATS EASY.

    EXACT SYNTAX of the commands are of some interest (I note that the word "Password" is typed two different ways in this info??)


    You familiar with this method ??



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    (Your Shaking Your Head right about now, Right?)

    No shaking, but did bring a smile or perhaps a chuckle even!


    Terminal should work, biggest dificulty is seeing the spaces required in any command, if possible copy it and paste it into a text editor, use the arrow key to caruse the command to see where the spaces are for sure.


    BTW, I think I've done the applesetupdone method a couple of dozen times, hasn't failed yet, but my guess is that the complaints are from people with Disk Corruption, and people with data loss massive Disk corruption... did we discuss how to help insure that isn't so yet?

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    Were we not just trying to get access to an unrestricted Admin Account ??


    If so, I set up a New Admin Account in "Users" and it has the advantage of Not having this Bifurcated Password issue. Have I oversimplified the issue, or does this not now give me the ability to use :Keychain Access" in Utilities to just Change my Normal Accounts Keychain to Match my Password ?


    Of Concern would be:

    (1) Since it WAS Bifurcated, will the system Now Recognize it as a Single Entity Again, such that if I just do the regular "Change Password" in Users, under System Preferences, that BOTH get changed to the new one, or do I just get another Half-in Half-out thing at that time?


    (2) I have gone to the Keychain Access program under the new admin account, and frankly I don't see much there. I wouldn't know what to select and what to change, so if this is the way, I'm gonne need a little enlightenment... Its Not Really Self Explanatory (at least to me)


    (3) Just to (KISS) things on My End, I gave the new admin account the same password as the Password for my main account (less whatever the keychain password is)


    If both of them having the same password would muddy anything in the process of making these changes, please let me know and I will give the new account a different password for this process.... Just trying to cover all the bases given the time lag between exchanges. If I can ask all the right questions at ONE TIME, its gonna speed up this process a BUNCH. ;-)


    Basically, while Im Not a Doe Eyed Greenhorn, Please treat me as such. Telling me something I already know does no damage, but missing a step "Assumed" that Im unaware of Can Really Foul Things Up...... and they are already messed up enough.



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    OH, and I also saw an option for Auto Login that I COULD have applied to my main account ??? Don't know if that might by-pass my current situation ?? as it might force MAC to just ASSUME I did it all correct ?? but then again, I doubt it helps with changing things to be all one password ....???? so maybe not ?


    Reaching at straws now

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    does this not now give me the ability to use :Keychain Access" in Utilities to just Change my Normal Accounts Keychain to Match my Password ?

    Well, not sure uf we're talking about the PW for logging in, or the Keychain master PW.


    The login one is usually in the Accounts Pref Pane.


    Mac OS X 10.4: Keychain Access asks for keychain "login" after changing login password...


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    Its called the "Login Keychain" which (as I understand it) is "USUALLY" the same as your Main Admin Password. From what I can tell it seems to be the place where all the passwords for web page logins are stored (If you choose to save them) as well as Dot Mac, ITunes, Mac.Mail, Safari Forms Autofil, (something called), Wireless Network Access Info, as well as all the Sync, Backup, Time Machine, etc authorizations. Basically seems to be where ALL The Authority Info and passwords are kept for the system and places you go.


    The way it is "SUPPOSED" to work is it stays the same as your Password Used to log into the computer. Either as a way of adding extra protection (User Choice to have Keychains Locked under a different password) *OR* as the result of My Situation, where the best I could do was "RESET" my password, which ONLY Changes how you log into the computer and fails to change the Login Keychain to match.


    I was not able to "CHANGE" my password since you have to verify the current password First, and that is/was unknown/forgotten and RESET just doesn't get you there.


    I saw another thread here (Listed to the side of this pane of "Related Discussions") and found an answer from "Happy" (expert) to someone with a very similar problem. Their "fix" was to first try "First Aid" to the keychain, but that failed since AGAIN, I don't know the password.... but the Second Method was to simply DELETE the Login Keychain, then Create a New Keychain (named Login) and set it to Default and ...Ta Da ???


    My Only Real Concern with this method would seem to be the 28 Items, That I Can See (and possibly more I can't see?) that are part of this Keychain that Logic Dictates will get wiped out in the process of deletion.


    I can't seem to Duplicate the Keychain (To swap out after the deletion)


    To test the theory I decided to create a new Keychain (logintwo) and tried several ways of copying the data from (login) to (logintwo) but nothing seemed to work.  **(If you know how to copy the info THAT Would Be Awsome) I have not yet deleted the real login keychain.


    MOST things I know my passwords to. I suppose the autofil on Safari will be a total loss and there are only a few websites that I have gone to for so long auto filled that I might not be able to remember their passwords..... That is really more of an Inconvenience, than Major Problem. Im More Concerned about the things I CANT see, if any, that are involved in the operation of the computer.


    Thoughts ?

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    OK, open Keychain>Preferences>First Aid tab...


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    Yeah. I did that, Didn't work because it asked me to enter the Login Keychain Password ....which I dont know. I really Thought I had it with THAT Fix, but no beans.

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    What are the issues with just Deleting the Keychain, and setting up a New One ?


    If there is no big system downside ? I can live without (what turned out to be) 2 Website Passwords, I can always have those emailed to me, etc. I was just concerned about Hidden stuff in the keychains. (does that makes sense?)

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    Well, if it's just 2 passwords I'd try it, but in that other admin account, did we try importing this keychain?


    There can be at least 3 locations for Keychains...







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