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I have put together a slideshow for my grandfathers funeral.  I am trying to put it to music, but it will only allow me to use one song at a time from my iTunes, even after I have made a special playlist for this.  Help, I have to complete this by tonight.


Thank you!

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    No, it's one track only. But you can start a playlist playing in the iPod app and then switch into the Photos app and start a (non-music) slideshow in it

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    As King_Penguin correctly points out that iPhoto slide shows are one track only. But here is how I get around this limitation.


    I purchased Amadeus. It's a music program that lets you record, copy, and edit music files. I make copies of all the songs I want to use in my slide show then combine them into one file in Amadeus. If you want to change music at a specific slide it can get a little tough figuring out the timing but it can be done.


    Once you have the single music file arranged the way you want, save it and import it into iTunes. I find it best to make a new playlist with just the new file included. Then select the new playlist for your slideshow in iPhoto.