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Our Primary iMac is the computer that is used to maintain iTunes (Purchase songs, Sync iPods, iPhones and iPad), We have a gutless PC Desktop in the corner of our basement running Win XP that is used as Network file storage so that anything that files can be accessible from any computer on our network. I plan on buying Apple TV, because of the need to stream from a library thats running all the time using Home Sharing I decided to copy my entire iTunes library to the PC Desktop which has iTunes running all the time.  I set up Home Sharing on it, and in the settings I set it up to Automatically Transfer new purchases from the iMac.


The problem I face is that tonight I purchased a TV Episode on the Primary iMac and the episode did not automatically transfer to the PC Desktop. Home Sharing is enabled, and under the left hand Sidebar I do see the desktop PC under Shared Libraries...  Has anyone been able to get this Automatic Transfer working?  Anything I should be checking?  


(Not sure if this counts, however the PC Desktop is blocked from accessing the internet, but from what I understood the Automatic transfer is done over the network and not online)

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 21.5" w/2.5GHz Quad Core i5 (2011)
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    if you set up home sharing correctly, you should see a button settings, via which you can select which newly purchased content is transferred automatically to homeshared libraries


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    Thanks for your response, however I have already completed that (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books and Apps were all selected) prior to posting the original question as my post mentions that In the settings I have it set up to automatically transfer new purchases from my iMac. 


    The problem still remains...



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    I am having the exact same issue.  I am certain everything is set up properly.  Using two macs and the most recent version of Itunes.  I can't find anything on the net to suggest a solution.  Please let us know if you find a workaround or any documentation.  Thanks.

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    im having the same problem can anyone help me please??

    i cant add music from anothers persons library to mine and it was working fine the other day??/

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    This has been bugging me for a while and I think I may have figured out the issue for my situation at least.  Itunes must be open on both machines, but it will only initiate a scan when Itunes is opened fresh on one machine or the other.  My wife never fully closes her applications and they are running in the background.  By hitting command-tab I learned that her Itunes was already running in the background.  I quit the app, restarted it, and Itunes scanned both libraries to transfer new purchases.  Since I discovered this, it has been working consistently for a couple of days.