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Have a strange problem that has only just cropped up recently.


I upgraded to Lion on the day it came out and have booted into my bootcamp partition several times since then however, the other day i booted into Windows 7 and after restarting to go back into Mac OS X, it booted to the desktop, i saw the FInder load and then it just restarts. It then boots into Windows again (next available boot drive i suppose). I then restart into Mac OS X, picking it from the Bootcamp menu in the Windows 7 system tray but it then does the exact same thing - boots into Mac OS X, loads the finder and then restarts into Windows again.


The only way i have been able to boot into Mac OS X is to hold shift at start-up when the Mac drive is selected to boot into, in order to boot it into safe mode and then run Onyx to do a few maintenance tasks. After a restart, Mac OS X boots perfectly again.


I have seen countless posts about Lion not allowing Windows 7 to boot but not the other way around as in my situation.


I have installed Bootcamp 3.3 on Windows 7 and have a completely up-to-date version of Windows 7 and Mac OS X but this still doesn't fix the problem.


Can anyone suggest why this might be happening or what i can do to fix it? I'd like to fix this if possible as i can't go through the rigmoral or having to boot into safe mode and then use Onyx everytime i use Windows. I only use Windows for gaming though so it isn't critical but still a pain.


Many thanks in advance for any help or advice!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1), 21.5" Late 2009 Model