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Since about july 22 I have problems with my hotmail account. It seems its not syncing properly anymore. After 4 weeks is seems downloading some mails.

I am now uptodate till the 9th of august but it keeps fetching. Later mails are not downloaded.


My system:

- IMAC 24"

- OSX 10.6.8

- Mail 4.5 (1084)

- Mail plugins:

     - widemail

     - mail.appetizer


This is what I checked:

- all the POP3 and SMTP settings (no change)

- permissions on my HDD (updated, no impact)

- Connection Doctor says all accounts (including hotmail) are fine.

- rebuild of all mail

- cleared all KeyChain related usernames and passwords.

- Sized down the # of mails in hotmail from 14000 to 7000

- Sized down the password length from 12char to 8char


When closing mail it hangs, everytime. In the activity window you can see it is still fetching data from hotmail. Even 24h waiting does not work.

When using 'force quit' i see no errors, but it quits mail.


On iPad and iPhone its working fine.


Please advice.


kind regards,



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    It looks like I finally found a workarround in the Inet.


    Close Mail

    Remove all the hotmail username/password from Key Chain completely

    Start Mail

    Mail wil ask for password (once every time you startup Mail)


    DO NOT MARK "Remember this password in my keychain"


    Its Stupid, but it works :-(


    kind regards,




    @Apple: Please solve the KeyChain issue