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i brought my MBP like a month ago and the battery is not working as long as it is supposed to be (7hours), it mostly works like 4hours and when i use my MBP i turn down his light... so what can i do to optimise my battery?


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    Same is happening to me. Is it a faulty battery? i just bought mine 2 days ago and the battery health is dropping fast. I only get about a 4 hour charge with everything closed except safari. No videos or anything just surfing the web. I'm going to do a battery calibration later today and see if that helps.

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    my mbp isabout 10 mo. old. mac store replaced my battery @ 3 mo. with new or old battery i've never gotten more than 3-4 hours of service no matter what i do!

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    You people have to realize that when Apple says "Up to 7 hours" they mean that under optimum conditions they managed to get one to last 7 hours. It's like the sticker that says 26 mpg highway. Then the fine print says its an estimate and yours will probably be less.


    Also you should calibrate your battery when it's new and at least once a month after that. To learn how to do that go to:



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    Also, set your screen as dim as is reasonable. Set your power saver settings as low as is possible (put the computer to sleep after 15 minutes, put the computer to sleep after 30 minutes and put the hard drives to sleep when possible. ) set them lower if suited to your use.