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I recently bought a new MacBook Pro which came pre-installed with Lion. After installing Pro Tools LE 8.0.3 I tried to launch GarageBand but I kept getting a message staing the 'CoreMidi' had quit unexpectantly. When I unstalled Pro Tools, GarageBand 11 opened without issue.


I want to be able to use both GarageBand and Pro Tools on my new computer so I reinstalled Pro Tools and updated it to version 8.0.5. I also updated to the newest version of Lion. Pro Tools seems to work fine, although sometimes it lags when loading MIDI on the startup screen.


When I now try to lanch GarageBand it just bounces in the dock for at least three minutes. When it eventually opens and I try and open a session I started boefore I stalled Pro Tools I get another error message. This one says something there's a MIDI problem and that I should restart the computer or update my MIDI device drivers.


After I click ok, GarageBand is just frozen and I have to force quit it. Restarting the computer does not solve the problem, and Pro Tools as far as I can tell is up to date. I am not actually even using any MIDI devices.


I called Applecare the representitive told me to try re-installing the Lion OS. I started to download it but stopped as I don't want to have to set up everything again and the computer shouldn't need a fresh OS installion after only a couple of weeks.  If I knew it would for sure solve the issue though I'd probably do it.


Can anyone help me get Pro Tools 8 LE and GarageBand both working? I am guessing when Pro Tools installs it changes something in the MIDI settings or plugins that GB relies on but I don't want to do anything that might cause more problems. Any help with this problem would be much appreciated.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    I am also having the same issue but running PT 9.0.5 . Garage band has opened once with great difficulty and then never again. I would appreciate it if anybody has a work around for this since I have a bunch of students who will be using this in the upcomming school year.

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    I think I may have solved the issue. I uninstalled Pro Tools and reinstalled for the uptenth time. I then updated Pro Tools 8 LE only to version 8.0.4. Both Pro Tools and GarageBand seem to load okay now, and the MIDI on GB also seems to work. It did take a while to initially launch GB. I'm not convinced this is a solution but it seems to be working for now. I don't know if this'll help you theatreguy, but you might want to try an older version of Pro Toos 9 and see if that has any effect.

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    i'm also having the same issue. I just bought a mac mini with Lion and used time machine to restore from my older mac, which had my version of protools 8 on it. Garageband worked fine until i updated ProTools and now garageband wont open. It bounces on the dock for 10 seconds before (not responding). Im definitely not going to reinstall Lion or ProTools. hoping a fix comes from either Apple or Avid.

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    I thought I'd fixed it by staying with version 8.0.4 but today GarageBand wouldn't load again. I installed version 8.0.5. and have similar problems. It'd obviously not to do with the verison of GB as this happening with different versions of 8 and 9. I read somewhere that when Pro Tools is installed it messes with the MIDI settings and perhaps deletes something GarageBand needs but I don't know. I'm far from an expert, I just want them both to work!

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    We recently ordered a new iMac with Lion. We also ordered ProTools 9 and upgraded to 9.0.5. We had an issue with garageband not opening. So we reinstalled it from app store and then reinstalled Protools by doing a clean uninstall from the uitilities folder of ProTools. We checked GB after the clean uninstall and it opened with no issues. We did the install of PT905 and it also did not create any issues with GB.


    HOWEVER - we are using a Digidesign 002 - we needed the drivers for that in order for PT905 to see it. Once we installed drivers from PT website - GB would not open.


    However - we found that GB WOULD open if we opened PT905 first.


    Contacted AVID about this and they said it is weird - but must be a bug - so reported it.


    Apple was not much help... but none of us can figure out WHY GB would care if PT was open or not... but at least for NOW it does.


    Hope this helps someone.

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    Que Tal Amigos, en busca de este problema en diferentes foros, me di a la tarea de traducir cada unos de sus preguntas y dudas ya que no se ingles, por lo tanto espero que se den a la tarea de traducir esto a su idioma ya que tengo la solucion de este Gran Problema que tenemos todos los que actiuaizamos a Lion OSX 10.7...buen ahi les va al parecer uno de los drivers midi de las superficies de control o interfaces de Avid 002 y 003 utilizan este para poder utilizar sus in/out midis ya que si tu eres de los que no tiene esta interfase o no utilizas estas salidas y entradas es preferible que borres o cambies de ubicacion a alguna carpeta "como la de Plugins unused" este archivo...Library/audio/mididrivers/DigiDioMidiDriver

    este driver es el que crea conflictos entre Garageband,Logic y Protools, hoy lo he echo y todos mis programas van de maravilla...Protools 8.0.5, Logic 9.0.5 Garageband etc...Espero se de gran ayuda ya que estuve por muchos foros y nunca encontre la respuesta,pero mis pocos conocimientos de audio me hiceron llegar a esta conclucion....saludos y Feliz Dia De Gracias......


    atte Mexicano Terco....

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    I have deleted, following Hans Steve instructions in Spanish, thefile Library/audio/mididrivers/DigiDioMidiDriver and now Garageband Works perfectly.

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    Had this problem after installing new drivers for my Mbox 2 Pro. Renaming this file did the trick!

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    what file did you rename and to what? sorry to be specific. thanks.

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    I've had a lot of trouble with my new Avid Mbox 3 Pro and bundled Pro Tools LE 8 software so I'm glad I stumbled on this page, I was thinking of sending it back to the store.


    After installing Pro Tools I couldn't open Garage Band or Ableton Live and couldn't access my computers MIDI preferences in 'Audio MIDI Setup'. I'm about to try deleating that file mentioned above (or should I be renaming it?), hope it helps.


    As a warning to anyone running Lion who is buying a third generation Mbox + Pro Tools 8 bundle, turning on my Mbox 3 Pro while my computer was on would instantly and without fail cause it crash. If I tried to start my computer while the Mbox was on it would fail to boot, error text would appear on screen and it would crash before making it to the log in screen. I resolved this by updating Pro Tools to 8.0.5. Not sure why this should make a difference to the way the hardware works but it did.

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    Just to update, deleating "Library/audio/mididrivers/DigiDioMidiDriver" has fixed the problem as far as I'm aware. Garage Band, Ableton Live and Audio MIDI Setup all seem to work like they did before the Pro Tools LE 8 install.

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    T H A N K S.      U S E S......HAPPY THANKSGIVING...

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    This is slightly off topic, but i feel as though I am having the worse luck of all. Haha Neither ProTools 8 LE, OR Garageband will work. I have PT 8 installed, but when I insert the Mbox Micro, it says it still cant find the proper hardware. As well, GB ill bounce in the dock for a few minutes then say "application not responding" and subsequently I am lead to force quite. It has opened once in the last twenty or so tries. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Since this problems are known for at least some months now I find it strange Avid still hasn't presented a solution.


    On my iMac that DigiDioMidiDriver plug in has been moved automatically to a map called Incompatible Software.

    That's clever, but I don't understand why Garageband still won't start up. That plug in is out of the way now, isn't it?

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