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This is a horrible update, what the heck happened???


1.  Search for music, in the result window, click on Name column header to short by song name and I get 2 minutes of beachball before it completes the sort??

2.  Click on the play music icon to get song preview and nothing, nada, zip??

3.  Interface is very slow


Anyway to go back to 10.4.0?

Mac Pro 3Ghz 1.33GHz Bus 64bit, Mac OS X (10.6.8), ATI HD 5770, 8GB, 2.5TB, 30", 24"
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    I would add the Finder/Cover issue, people tested it and saw the problem even on SL and L, so the problem IS iTunes 10.4...and 10.4.1 didn't fix it.

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    Yeah, iTunes 10.4 and 10.4.1 I noticed is very buggy. Strange little things, like:

    1) downloads (for podcasts) which just sit there at 0. I click "refresh" and nothing. If I pause the download and continue, then it starts up no problem.

    2) If a podcast is blue dot (unheard) or yellow dot (downloading/refreshing) those dots wont go away if either i mark it as read, or the download/refresh is done. It's as if the screen is not refreshing correctly. However, if I open or close the arrow (to view/hide the episodes), the dot goes away.

    3) Sync's sometimes fail or just hang there (again like the downloading, never starts)


    Don't know if it's *my* setup, but I notice it started with 10.4.0



      Model Name:    Power Mac G5

      Model Identifier:    PowerMac7,3

      Processor Name:    PowerPC G5  (2.2)

      Processor Speed:    1.8 GHz

      Number Of CPUs:    2

      L2 Cache (per CPU):    512 KB

      Memory:    2 GB

      Bus Speed:    900 MHz

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    Yeah, Apple seem to have been screwing up their software side a lot lately -- not sure what happened, nor why that side of the business is having such a hard time delivering products without major issues.


    I'm still running Snow Leopard and to be honest have NO plans to move to Lion.  The entire FCP X fiasco has left me using my Mac less and less.


    If Apple doesn't care about their software side, I see no reason to care about Apple nor continue to buy their hardware/software.


    Some of many examples of Apple just dropping the ball on the software side:


    1.  They refuse to fix www.me.com/mail on IE with Auto Draft feature clearing out text as one types

    2.  There servers (even this support site) are horribly slow

    3.  FCP X less functional that the older FCP 7

    4.  iTunes is now broken (how can you not catch a sorting issue)

    5.  No signs of "Cloud" computing

    6.  No signs of a new iWorks which I assume is tied to Cloud computing

    7.  Lion appears to be very buggy and breaks Safari (and seems to be lacking any significant features)


    It's like Apple just cut 50% of their software developers so they could focus on iPad and iPhone exclusively.  Mr Jobs seems to feel the desktop computer is history and the laptop will be gone soon ... reality check anyone??  The majority of Apple buyers/comsumers:


    1.  Don't want to spend their life typing on a keypad intended for mice

    2.  Don't want to keep auto correcting the auto correct

    3.  Need more resolution that 1024 x 768 (circa 1992 standards)

    4.  Can watch BluRay at 1080p

    5.  Don't want to zoom in/out all the time

    6.  Voice recognition that works 100% of the time so we don't spend time correcting it


    It's like Jobs is blind to the reality of limitation that these little devices (iPhone and iPad) impose on people -- some people can "live with it", but the majority of us like to move forward in technology NOT backwards just so you can make things "smaller".


    Anyway, somewhat side tracked ... but I get the feeling the deterioration of quality software (i.e. tested) from Apple is directly being impact by Job's obsession with smaller more restrictive hardware such as iPad and iPhone.



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    Well put. Also to add to the list is hardware aging. I have a PowerMac G5 which runs really well. Further, it cost me a pretty penny. When they moved to Intel, I knew my days were numbered. But I really got ticked when they started focusing away from the 32-bit MacBooks... why is it with Apple that it's always "oh I should have waited" but even if you do, you're lucky to get 4 years out of perfectly good (and durable) hardware because the software and OS is dropping it. Sorry, I am used to my Linux boxes which last me ten years on average even when there's massive hardware failure... yeah, $29 mobo's don't last too long I'm looking at you "WinFast" LOL

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    I have a MacPro1,1 (late 2006 purchase $10000) -- I'm actually surprised it has been useful this long (5 years).  IMHO, I'd only install Lion on a system with a EFI64 that defaults to a 64bit kernel ... I'll try to "survive" this MacPro a little longer, but my next Desktop computer will not be from Apple ... primarily because of the direction they went with FCP X and very slow process of getting MacPro line updated and Jobs refusal for native Blu-ray support (pay Sony and get over your ego Jobs).


    Anyway, back to iTunes problem on my MacPro ... so I loaded iTune 10.4.1 for Windows 7 64bit (running boot camp) an guess what ... NO sorting issues on Windows 7 PC side (same MacPro, same hardware, same internet connection).  So whatever the problem is, it squarely sits on Mac/Apple side of the fence.



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    Yah. I suspect as mucho when it comes to UI issues like sorting. That is based on the API.

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    Hah meant /much/