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why doesn't my entire question appear in box above. I am downloading audiobooks, not songs. I see my book in the downloads files, I can listen to it on the imac but I like to have a book going whenever I leave the house. Can anyone help me? Applecare says they can't and Sansa support doesn't seem to know anything about macs after two hours and 3 different tech people.

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    Can you advise how it's formatted? To find out in Finder highlight it and hit Command - I (that's I as in Ivan) and then look at the Format in the General section.

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    The reason it appeas as it does is because you type the question in the title box.


    If that is what Apple and Sansa are telling you then it sounds like there is no solution for your problem.



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    I still don't understand this communication system very well, but I solved the problem with the Sansa Clip by myself, no thanks to Applecare, Sansa Clip Support, or my local Apple re-seller. the Clip must be set to MSC, not MTP format. Then the clip icon appears on the desktop. Down load the selected MP3 book from the public library using OverDrive Media Console. Open Itunes  and the book should appear in the ITunes Music folder. Highlight all parts of the book and drag into the Sansa Clip player icon on the desktop. I did two books but had a hard time hitting the Audiobooks folder and the books are in different folders but I listened to a bit of each one and they work fine! It only took about 10 frustrating hours. THanks to RKaufmann87 for using the word "format" which served as a clue to me.

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    See my answer below, RKaufmass87. Thanks for using the word "format" which pointed me in the right direction.

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    Your welcome however to be honest there wasn't any reason to go off on AppleCare or your reseller, your product isn't an Apple product so you can't really hold them responsible. They try their best but there are tens of thousands of different products that can connect to a computer, keeping track of the most popular ones is difficult enough.

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    Greetings, Linda. I'm having the same problem, ie., from library CD to old PC to Sansa mp3. Now i want to get it to play on my MacBook Pro. AND, i'd like to get it onto a flashdrive to share w/a colleague. Seems a couple of years of  experience are under your belt (    ) by now. Could/would or others take me through the step to get it onto my Mac and a flashdribe/memorystick, ie., without the hours you put into it? Many, many thanks.