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I tried mounting the external hardrive on another mac that runs on snow leopard and it mounts. However when i plug it into my macbook air after i upgraded to lion. It wont' mount anymore, it did before.


This messages pops upScreen Shot 2011-08-26 at 8.36.39 AM.png


PLEASE HELP. I beg all the geniuses on this community.



MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Your screenshot link does not work. So I can only guess what the message is.


    On a hunch, if it is a NTFS formatted drive, then the version of MacFUSE you used in Snow Leopard won't work.

    You need to upgrade to a version that is Lion Compatible.


    MacFUSE, most recent version. OK for Lion.

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    Hey thanks for replying, unforutnately i installed MacFUSE but it didn't work. I believe it's a fusefs formatted drive.

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    Hey a new error messsge apperas now different from the one after i've downloaded macfuse.


    Screen Shot 2011-08-26 at 8.36.39 AM.png


    did the screen shot work this time?

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    Using the MicroUSB Drive from my Jawbone Jambox worked! Disk Utility recognized it! (Running MacBook Pro 13" 2011 i5 2.4 GHz)

    Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 12.53.00 AM.PNG

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    I see this posting is pretty old but here's my experience, for what is worth.

    I bought today a Toshiba Canvio 3.0 1Tb and I have both PC and Mac at home.


    For 90 $ at Radio Shack I thought it is a good deal although it did not say on the box very much.

    It was formatted NTFS and had some software on it as well as a manual.


    I tried to mount it first on my Mac OS 10.7.4.

    Without any drivers and with it's own cable it worked at first attempt.

    I could copy some music to it and it just worked fine, I could play it.


    Then I read the instructions and it says you must install the Tuxera NTFS driver supplied on Canvio to work read/write otherwise will be read-only.

    Once I did that I attempted to copy and it shown some activity. Then I decided to reboot as indicated by Tuxera software and after that it only mounted in read-only mode. I tried to deactivate Tuxera, uninstall, reboot, reinstall, reinstall, reboot again, nothing helped. The Toshiba web site did not help at all.


    Eventually I thought to try reformatting it and use it with HFS+. I copied all original content somewhere on my Mac for backup then started Disk Utility and opening the Canvio I noticed it offers a format option as Win NT NTFS Tuxera, which I thought to try and that worked indeed. Then I copied the original content back on the newly formatted partition. I can use it perfectly fine on my Windows 7 as well as Mac. It works pretty fast.