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I got my iPhone 4 at the beginning of July. About a week and a half ago this tiny little black spot showed up in the top left hand corner of my screen. I ignored it at first because it was small but it keeps growing. The phone hasn't been dropped or anything like that. The outside is perfect with no scratches or anything on it. The screen still works but the corner is completely black. I contacted Apple yesterday and I chose the option of paying $29 for a new phone over sending it in to be repaired mainly because they said it is probably a hardware issue and I don't trust this particular phone since it already had a problem after just 1 month of having it. They were very helpful on the phone and said that as long as the moisture sensors showed that it was fine (the bottom sensor that I can visibly see is white so this isn't an issue), the phone will be replaced with the new one for just the $29 even though they put a hold on my credit card for the full price of the phone to ensure that I actually send this one back. Has anyone ever had an issue like this on their phone? I was really disappointed when this happened but when it started growing, I was extremely frustrated. I am happy that they were so nice about the issue and everything is being handled in a nice way but this is just really disappointing. I have read of dead pixels happening but I don't know if these are dead pixels. It is completely black, not colored. Any idea what this might be? or has anyone experienced this with a phone before?

iPhone 4
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    Why are you so disappointed?  Hardware malfunctions do occur.  Even with a fraction of a percent of malfunctioning phones, given the number sold, still means hundreds of phones will be faulty.


    Honestly, there are far more important things in the world to worry about.  You're getting yours replaced.  Move on.

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    I'm sorry but I thought this was a forum about Apple products. Yes, there are more important things to worry about but that doesn't mean that I can't be disappointed that my phone had a malfunction. While on an Apple forum, I feel that I should be able to discuss how I feel about a certain Apple product. And yes, I am getting mine replaced but you didn't answer my question that I asked. I know that I am getting it replaced and the problem will be solved but my question was does anyone know what the cause of this may be or if anyone has experienced this before. If you read my post, you will see that I said I am very happy with the way Apple handled it, but it is disappointing to have this happen to my new phone. I don't appreciate your post and it had zero helpfulness. Maybe you should realize that while on a forum about Apple products, even though they aren't the most important things in the world, people will discuss their issues with these products and yes, some will even be disappointed. Deal with it.