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When I connect my 2nd Generation iPod touch to my laptop it will not appear in iTunes. It does, however, appear in my Computer.


I have worked through all of the troubleshooting guides on the Apple Support section, and have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes twice.


This message appears every time I plug my iPod in, and frequently whilst it is still plugged in charging:


'MobileMe Service has stopped working.' This is a pop-up window produced by Windows, I know this is the 'service' that picks up an iPod's prescence but stopping and restarting the service does nothing. My iPod still won't show up.


Please help, I am willing to faff around a bit. Might it be a problem with Windows itself? If so, how would I go about fixing it?


Thanks in advance,




P.S I have the latest version of iTunes, and the operating system of my iPod is 4.2.1.


My version of Windows Vista is 32-bit.

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