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SteveKir Level 3 (545 points)

Will FCE 4 run in Snow Leopard (10.6.6)?


I have a new (2011) iMac. It came with Snow Leopard which I re-installed on an external Firewire HD. I then installed Lion 7.1 on the internal. I have installed FCE 3 on the external (Snow Leopard) and when I launch it it refuses, saying that an AGP graphics card is missing. In view of that, I have not tried to install my upgrade to FCE 4.


I know that PPC software will not run in Lion but will FCE 4 run on Snow Leopard?


Therefore, how can I get FCE 3 (than 4) to run on my 10.6.6?



  • Alchroma Level 6 (18,165 points)

    Yes it should.


    Don't worry about loading 3 first (hitting the Escape key usually bypasses the block if you want to load it) just enter the serial number of 3 and 4 will work OK as if 3 were on your sytem.



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    Hi Steve,


    Welcome back ... been awhile since we've heard from you!


    If you have an FCE 4 upgrade disk, don't even bother installing FCE 3.  In fact, it's best to uninistall FCE 3.


    Everything you need is on the FCE 4 upgrade disk.  When you install from the FCE4 upgrade disk, it will ask you to enter both serial numbers (FCE3 + the FCE4 upgrade s/n) and then will install the entire program.  After the installation is done, run Software Update to get the FCE 4.0.1 update.  Then you are good to go!


    FCE 4 runs fine on Snow Leopard.


    The AGP error message you are getting happens when FCE3 or 3.5 is installed on an Intel Mac.  Just ESC from the error message, it's not an operational problem.

  • SteveKir Level 3 (545 points)

    Thanks for the welcome.


    I have Lion 7.1 on my internal HD, but now have FCE 4 running in 10.6.8 on an external HD because it won't ......... hang on a minute. I concluded that FCE would not run in Lion, because my FCE 3 refused to run in Snow Leopard. But the adviced above was to install my FCE 4 upgrade directly in Snow Leopard. So perhaps that might work in Lion as well..... 45 minutes later, it does! I have FCE 4 running in Lion. Thanks folks.


    BTW, the gorgeous colours and wide screen of the new iMac is a real treat compared to my seven-year old 4 x 3 screen.

  • Alchroma Level 6 (18,165 points)

    From what we've gleaned on the forum:

    Lion is not supported and some users have experienced some oddities occuring.

    Good luck with it.