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Hello all,
As a newbie to OSX, I've been enjoying my Mac Mini for a few weeks now. PC's are a thing of the past!
Well, Safari is nice and it loads fast. I've read on these posts that Safari is a "RAM hog" and over time need to be rebooted. Hey, I'm happy with it and I've no problems, but this has prompted me to do a bit of Googling and I found this...

If one looks at the specs carefully under the OSX charts, it would seem that Opera 9.0 is the best browser. Although you can see Safari beats it in many categories by a small margin, Opera 9.0 beats it in boot up time, and very significantly, by a huge margin in the "history" column.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

BTW, can I add another question while I'm here... I don't see a disk defragmenter utility in OSX (I have Tiger). As a Switcher, I've used pc's all my life and maybe Apple's are different, but don't all hard drives defragment over time?

Thanks for your patience, I'm new and will get with the program soon!


Mac Mini   Mac OS X (10.4.4)   1.5, mighty mouse

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.4.4), 1.5, mighty mouse
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    Hello! I really like Safari but left running for days on end does seem to slow it down but a quick quit and restart of it seems to fix it. I also use Camino which for me seems faster than Safari and I use Firefox some. If Safari is running fine for you don't worry about the memory usage. As for a Disk Defrag utility you don't need one. OSX takes care of nearly anything! Mine has been sitting here running 24/7/365 for 2+ years and it's just as fast as it was day 1. I do try to remember to restart every month or two just for fun. The single most must have utility is DiskWarrior. It keeps the disk directory in tip top shape. The only other thing I recommend is an ext. firwire drive to use as a cloning backup in case of severe problems.Tom