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I was wondering if someone knew of a way to have reference gridlines appear in FCP X? I am doing a video for a video wall and I want to divide the screen in a 4 by 4 fashion. The gridlines will help me move the content ( video / picture) from one space to another without having to calculate and look at the coordinates every move? Hopefully the question is clear and there is a way to do it. Thanks in advance.

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    You could just make one from photoshop or something then import it into FCP X. Then drag it to the timeline over the top of your main storyline clips and extend it for as long as needed in time.  Select the grid clip then go into inspector and set the opacity to make it as transparent as you need for a reference.  Obviously it's not a FCP X thing, and I have no clue if such a feature is lurking in there somewhere ... but something like this would get you by.  Best wishes.


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    Check out this excellent FREE plug-in. It should be just what you are after



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    I just posted this on Apple's FCP 'Enhancement Requests' page.


    In addition to the Show Title/Action Safe region, could we have a scaleable grid, or graticule, as an overlay, or pull-down View option, for precisely aligning scaled clips and stills?


    There is a free downloadable effect to do this, which I have used but it has to be continually enabled/disabled in the Timeline, or it will end up in the exported material.


    I find this 'grid' method faster than tweaking sliders in the Video Inspector.



    Stephen Gard