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I own a small video game store and want to host my own website since I really don't want to spend the money on a hosting plan. I have a old G5 with OS X Leopard Server installed and have spent many countless hours reading tutorials on how to set it up, but none of them simply tell me what exactly to do. I have a very good knowledge of IT and didn't expect to have this much trouble.


I would like to set up the server to host the website, and also have it be able to do email as well (have a email address like admin@g4uoc.com)


I bought a domain from godaddy (www.g4uoc.com) , Have my G5 OSX Leopard Server up and running, have my website all built and ready to go, but I don't know how to set anything up. Can someone help me out at all?

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    There are numerous walkthroughs and tutorials on this, I'm surprised you couldn't find something.


    Short answer:


    1) dump your web content (HTML files, images, etc.) into /Library/WebServer/Documents

    2) Configure your router to forward connections on port 80 to your server (the specifics will vary depending on your router make/model)

    3) Use GoDaddy's web portal to setup www.g4uoc.com to map to your router's public address.


    You're done. Remote users will lookup www.g4uoc.com on GoDaddy's servers and will get your router's public address. When they try to connect the router will forward the connection to your server which will serve the matching request from /Library/WebServer/Documents/

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    Wow, thanks for the awesome and quick response. I'm honestly surprised it is that easy. I do have my router's port 80 forwarded, The part I am stuck at is Godaddy's horrible web portal design.


    I am guessing that I have to go to their DNS Management page and then have it set up to point to the routers IP like you said, but the only option I have is to add an "off-site" DNS. Is says add a domain name but then I go to add "g4uoc.com" to it, is says "Domain name already exists in private label." And if I add the outside ip address is says "Invalid domain extension." I think I am missing something here. Sorry for the trouble. I just really am confused with this poor design of their web portal. Thanks for all the help thus far though, I really do appreciate it.

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    Sorry, I can't help much here.  I don't use GoDaddy's domain services, so I don't know what their web portal looks like, nor what buttons you need to press. Hopefully some other helpful soul can chime in.