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I have done a search for my problem with no success. 

Having updated Aperture(V3.1.3) & BorderFx(V1.5.3)  to the most recent versions, the following problem now exists. 


When I try to add a border to an image,  after a considerable time in loading the result is a series of broken squares in the edited version.  Twice I have deleted all files connected to the BorderFx plug-in, and re-installed.  The results remain the same.  Am I missing something? 

Imac 27", Mac OS X (10.6.3)
  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Motib wrote:

    When I try to add a border to an image,  after a considerable time in loading the result is a series of broken squares in the edited version.

    Can you post a screen-shot?

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    Screen shot 2011-08-27 at 9.33.43 AM.jpg

  • Motib Level 1 (0 points)

    Further to this post, I have uninstalled Aperture (& all connected files), BorderFX and then re-instlled both.  Results are the same.  Using the same Aperture  installation disk & BorderFX download, everything works perfectly on my MBA.  I am at a loss what else to do. HELP, PLEASE.

  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    Contact the developer of BorderFx.

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    I have done that, but have had no reply

  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    Hopefully you'll hear back from him because I think that will be you best chance of gettting a resolution.


    In the meantime does the probelm happen in both export plugin mode and edit plugin mode?

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    The problem happens in the edit plugin mode.  I have never used the 'export', but just did and the result is 'no problem'

  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    And for me is was just the opossite, I've always used it as an export plugin.  Yes I'm seeing the same isue you are when using BorderFx as an edit plugin.


    I beleive the problem  stems from the fact that whne he saves the tiff file back to Aperture he is using a compressed Tiff file format and Aperture can't handle it. Whats interesting is that if you take the saved image with the broken squares and end ti back to Border Fx it appears fine.


    In BorderFx's preferences under the advanced tab there is a checkbox for disableing Tiff compression but whenever I try to clear  it it always gets turned back on.


    Hopefully the developer will get this fixed.



  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    There does seem to be a work around.


    In BorderFx click on the Presets pulldown then click on  Preferences. In the Preferences window is a checkbox Import Saved Images, select that then select JPG as the file type,


    For me this made the images BorderFx saved back to Aperture JPG and these images were fine.

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    I have done that - thanks.  I guess we'll just have to wait for the next update from BDFX to see if that problem is fixed.

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    I've had to do the same. However I also noticed that borderfx no longer saves the tiff file in the same folder as my original raw file, instead it appears that it's saving it in the aperture library, any ideas how to change this?

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    Same issue for me : garbled images when using BorderFX as edit plug.in, no problems when using it as export plug-in.


    By the way, I noticed that I have problems with the edit mode when starting from RAW files : I'm playing with HDR images using Photomatix and this plug-in saves back a TIFF file. Well, for these pictures BorderFX works well also in edit mode.


    I wrote to the developer too, let's see if we'll get a way to fix the problem.