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Hello. A few days a go i purchased an iMac. I got the Magic Trackpad as well as the Magic Mouse. I usually switch between both when my hand gets tierd. Now my question is do I have to turn of eith of those to save battery or does it automaticly sleep when it's not in use? Also when my iMac is in sleep mode or off do both the keyboard and mous/trackpad turn off automaticly or do i have to do it manully? Please let me know other things about these accessories becuase I don't really know anything about them. Thank you

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    The keyboard has good battery life

    One less battery. All the difference.

    The Apple Wireless Keyboard now requires just two AA batteries — one less than the previous model.And its intelligent power management system conserves battery life. So when you’re not using it, the keyboard automatically powers down. The instant you start typing, your keyboard turns on.


    The mouse, although I like it has terrible battery life. If you want to conserve, you'll need to remember to turn it off.The Apple page actually tries to sell a battery charger on the Magic Mouse page.

    Don't know about the Trackpad


    For some reason my text did not format correctly, but I think you can still get the idea.


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    Thank you so much for taking time and helping me with my question. I really appricate it!

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    Your welcome and thank you!

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    After about 4 weeks of heavy use of my new (2011) iMac, (many hours per day) with it being mostly asleep at night time (rather than being shut down) the Magic Trackpad battery is showing 82% charge. The Magic Mouse was showing about 20%. I am now running the mouse on rechargeable batteries, and the Trackpad also when its original batteries die, which will be much cheaper.


    (A battery charger from apple willprobably be more expensive than one from the Internet or boughtlocally.)


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    I have Canon rechargable batteries and charger that I bought originally for my Canon camera. I thought I'd give those a try. They died right away. That's an exaggeration, but not far from the truth. So no recommendation on those.

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    I, unfortunately, went back to a USB optical mouse after getting sick of the horrid battery life on the Magic Mouse.

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    Further to my post, after 11 hours (mostly spent in sleep, if that is relevant), my Magic Mouse rechargeable battery is showing 69%. (But it might be because the battery is about 15 years old and has not been used for 10.)