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John T. Folden Level 3 (750 points)

I'm wondering how I might sync specific iTunes playlists (plus albums from iPhoto and misc videos) to a mounted network drive? I have a mobile device (HP Touchpad) that I've configured so that it can be mounted as a network drive on my Mac's desktop without having to connect it via a USB cable.


I'd like to be able to sync one specific iTunes Playlist to this "drive". As a bonus it would be great if I could sync a specific iPhoto album and a folder of videos, as well.


Can anyone recommend an app for this? I found SyncMate but it seems overkill (and at $40 overpriced) for what a single, rather simple task, I think.



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  • ed2345 Level 7 (22,803 points)

    Just highlight the tracks you want in your iTunes library and drag them to the open folder representing the drive.


    This will put a copy of each on the drive, and does not change anything in your library.


    If you normally run iTunes in full-screen mode, make it smaller so that you can do the drag.


    Try it first with just 2 or 3 files so you can see how it works.

  • John T. Folden Level 3 (750 points)



    but I actually know how to do it manually. ...and that's not really solving my issue at all. As I add files to the playlist, for example, I have to remember what's new, what's already been copied to the device, etc...


    If this device were attached via USB cable, I could just use something like Missing Sync's GoGadget software but I'm having a hard time finding something that will sync the data to a mounted drive rather than a USB connection.

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    it's not cheap but ChronoSync should be up to the task.


    another option might be free Carbon Copy Cloner.