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I have  iPhone 4 and the led light is always on or flickering. Sometimes it's dim sometimes bright. I also noticed it's pressure sensitive so when I squeeze the phone near the camera and led the light may get brighter or shut off until the squeezing stops. And The light stays on even when the phone is off. Even when I do a manual reset the light stays on.

I had tried every thing restore,update to the last ios 4.3.5 ,update without Resore my backup ,removed all apps ,removed all info , removed all contacts , removed all photos , removed all videos , removed all every thing in ipod , reset all settings !!!

I was bought my iphone just from 58 days and my problem was started maybe from 15 days

Please what i must to do now help me people !!

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3, 4.3.5