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I have a new Mac Mini running Lion with a magic trackpad and I just can't get Chrome running well:


  1. Chrome frequently hangs when accessing even Google web sites, like Google News and gmail. I have to wait for the web page access to timeout, then reload that page (usually works on reload); and
  2. Chrome is overall sluggish compared to the Windows version.
  3. A more minor point, but the trackpad implementation seems a bit flaky and sloppy compared to Safari's, although it's usable, I guess, in the beta.


The stable Chrome doesn't even support 2-finger swipes, the beta does, although it's slow and not as crisply done as Safari's.


Now, Safari runs fine and my Windows Chrome runs fine, so I don't think it's the router. I've also turned off sync and various pre-fetches in an attempt to stop the hanging, but nothing helps.


The problem here is that for me Chrome is not just another app. It's the whole basis for my Internet access. I store a bunch of stuff in the cloud at Google docs, for instance; Chrome is so flaky I may have to move it all back to the desktop.


Does someone here actually have Chrome running fast and reliably on Lion? If you have a way to do that, I would be extremely grateful.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.1)