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Hello everyone.


I have several days reading a book in pdf format with preview.app, and I highlight text in bright yellow.

I have reviewed all the highlighted text and the color yellow is more tenuous as I approach the beginning of the book.

In fact the highlight of the first page no longer exists.


How I can do to make all the highlight is of the same intensity of color?


I use Preview Versión 5.5 (719). Thank you.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Hi, I've got the same problem here.

    I use Preview to highlight important parts during lessons and then study them at home and I had no problem before with Snow Leopard.

    Now with 10.7 the more I highlight a document, the more it disappears in the first pages.

    It's a really annoying issue and I can't solve it if I copy the pdf to a computer with snow leopard.

    Hope this will be solved soon

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    I've also had the same problem. An AppleCare rep tried to help me, but no luck. They seemed to think it was a third party problem, which has proved not true.


    I'm going to the Genius Bar tomorrow and hope to see if they have any suggestions. Will update you all if I hear anything that may help.

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    I have found that the problem is related to "versions".


    As we modify a pdf book, it is saved file versions and then older versions appear with a lighter highlight.

  • Uncle Roscoe Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks. Any way to fix this?


    As a side note, with regard to Lion's Preview app, I have also been finding that when ever I annotate a PDF using grey text that text becomes invisible after one or more times reopening that document. That text is still there, but it's either being turned white or clear, because I am unable to see it on a white page. This doesn't happen when I use other colors. So, far all I've tried using are black, grey, blue and red -- and of those, I'm only having a problem with grey.


    I will be going to the Genius Bar today. If I hear anything I'll be sure to post it.

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    Tonight I went to the Genius Bar. There seems to be two options:



    (1) Do as the genius did tonight:


    - Reset the home folder's ACL (Access Control List.)  (He said to Google this to learn exactly how to do this.)

    - Repair the disk permissions

    - Delete the Preview preference file. It's a "plist" file located in user/library/preferences


    If that doesn't work, then:

    (2) Re-install Lion.


    I tried Preview with the fixes and most of my problems seemed to be fixed. Those being the colors of the highlighted text and notes haven't dimmed after a number of quits and restarts of Preview. However, the grey text that I originally included in my annotations became invisible again. They're still there, but you can't seem them. Although the text that I included using other colors (blue & red) continue to appear.


    My feeling that this still might be an issue related to versions, but who knows.

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    I do have the same problem, and there seems to be no solution so far. I ask the community again for help.

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    Same problem here, no solution yet. I deleted all com.apple.Preview entries in user/library/preferences, but my highlights are still disappearing.