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Greetings. I have had a major disaster.  I started using OS Lion last week and have had nothing but problems.  Time machine BU took 4 days, then it said that the BU could not be trusted, back up again.  So I did.  The system froze and crashed 3 days into the next backup, so I have an in progress BU file on time machine.


I went to the Genius Bar and we erased my disk.  My fault, I did not realize that the BU was only 3 days into a 4 day BU.  Lion was reinstalled, but I have lost a bunch of things including my photos and itunes library.  My applications are also gone, but that is not a big problem, other than the time involved to restore them from disk.


I have connected to time machine, found the backup folder and the data folder which contains the in progress BU.  I can enter time machine and on the desktop is the name of my newly restored computer (iMac320db), the time machine Data drive which contains the in progress BU and the Time Machine disk.  I access this only through pressing option and "browse other drives" when I click the time machine icon.


The in progress data is a package containing 111 GB, and the time machine get info states it has used 750 GB of the 998 GB available, so there is stuff on te drive, maybe the last backup that Time Macchine did not like and asked me to back up again.


OK, is there any way to access the in progress package;  is there any way to see some of the contents of the drive that are now not visible that might contain some music or photos?


Any hellp is appreciated.  Thx. Dave

iMac 320GB 266kz 4GB, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
Solved by ACordes on Sep 1, 2011 9:33 AM Solved

Try looking at this:



It says you can "view package" on the .inprogress and see what was in there.  And using automator to copy it and get your stuff back.


I was going to try it but my .inprogress didn't have the data I wanted.  Hope it helps, Good luck!