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First, my Mac mini Server is setup with en0 and en2 as a gateway server.  I have a static external IP on one and a local 192.168.x.x network on the other.  The Mac mini acts as the IP Firewall, NAT router, DHCP Server, etc.  I have another computer on the internal network that I want to act as the web server on port 80.  I need traffic to the external IP coming in on port 80 forwarded to the internal computer's IP on port 80.  This should be easily accomplished by port forwarding via terminal and the NAT interface on the Mac mini Server.


I've followed the instructions in the Advanced Documentation for 10.7 Server, adding the appropriate lines to the /etc/nat/natd.plist file to forward a port and cannot get it to work at all.  Making these changes and then stopping and restarting NAT via serveradmin commands is supposed to cause the /etc/nat/natd.conf.apple file to update or be created, but I can't find that file in Lion; it doesn't seem to create it.


Can anyone verify the existence of the /etc/nat/natd.conf.apple file?


After going through this procedure, and double checking everything, I tried my_ip:80 expecting it to forward to the other computer's port 80 and it doesn't; it runs the generic Mac Server webpage running on my gateway Mac.  I have the firewall configured correctly and it's running.  Port 80 is not blocked at all.  I'm really just looking for anyone with any success in getting that /etc/nat/natd.conf.apple file to appear or update and to know how they got that to work.


If anyone has struggled through this and had some success, could you please explain how you did it?


If not, does anyone know if this is a known issue that Apple need to address in a future 10.7.x release?





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