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I move a lot of files from web pages I manage to  folders on the hard drive by dragging. I like to keep certain files visually grouped together in certain folders. But every time I drag a picture, link, pdf, etc. from a web page; the finder jumps to the alphabetical part of the window that it names the file, and the file is where I put it/want it. How do I stop the finder from jumping around? I have hundreds of files grouped in a window and if I put a file "bbs.htm" in a location that I have for that catagory of files I want it, but its closer to a file named "qs.pps" The finder window scrolls up to whereever the B's are in the window!

How do I stop the finder from jumping around? I don't want to just make folder because I group upload the entirety of the folders with folder names already in the correct place


How do I stop the finder from jumping around?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Tried for quite a while trying to replicate this. Finally figured it out. If you have a Sort By or Arrange By option set, it will reorder. To get to the Sort By options, hold down the option (alt) key and press the Arrangement button or in the View menu.  Set both to none.


    Shortcuts for both off is cmd+ctrl-0 and cmd+ctrl+opt-0.


    Also note that I thought I didn't have a Sort By option because my icons were strewn about. However, the strewn-aboutness might have been inherited, and for some reason Lion defaults to a Sort By name.  Not sure. Didn't spend much more time experimenting.

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    Nope, I made sure that they were both set to "None." I can't figure out any reason. I can't give one of my websites so say apple, but do a Google search with images then drag a located image to a huge folder and **** if you can replicate.




    I dragged your avatar image icon to my folder and instead of just showing the file/icon/preview/etc as a file in the finder it jumped up to 47.jpeg  in the directory for some reason because it named the file "46.png." Yet I have a chunck of files grouped in 4 corners of my screen that this file doesn't boelong.

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    If I can use ScreenFlow to record my problem and upload it let me know how. I cannot find how to do that on the apple.com question site.

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    I think you can only upload small pictures, here. You'd have to post the video to a video sharing site (Vimeo, YouTube, etc) and then post a link to it.


    However, I did see what you describe, but only when a sort option was present. I was using National Geographic as the source. I could drag an image in and drop it anywhere, including wedged between two normally spaced icons.

    I also just tried with my Avatar and it dropped just fine wherever I wanted it to be (its name is 46.png).


    Have you tried restarting? Or, Relaunching Finder. Maybe it's confused.

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    Perhaps try deleting the .DS_Store file in that folder. That might un-order all your groupings, though.


    Try creating a new folder and see what happens.

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    Ihave restarted, and deleted the .DS_Store file; Same problem. This happens in every single window, not just the folder I have files in. I've tried new folders and have the same problem. Also, every once in a while a file I create becomes a hidden/invisible file for no apparent reason. Not sure what the heck is going on here with my Finder!

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    Further - I have set every single folder I can find to "Arrange by - None" and "Sort by - None"

    The finder window still jumps all over every time I drag a new file into a folder from a web browser.

    Same thing with Safari, FireFox, and Chrome.