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I'm sorry for such a long story.  Several weeks ago, iTunes informed me of an available update.  I clicked to update.  The next time I open iTunes, the iTunes store no longer worked.  Everything else worked fine.  I solved this problem by uninstalling and reinstalling.  The next time an update was available, this entirely same process happened.  After finally getting everything working smoothly for several days yet another update was available.  This update being 10.4.1.  Fearing the same problem and not having time to deal with it, I declined the update.  The next time I opened iTunes, my library no longer existed.  The files are on my hard drive still so I attempted to reload them to iTunes.  iTunes acts like it is loading the files but in reality is not loading them.  Once it is finished, they are still not in my iTunes library.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled 10 different times. I am always careful to uninstall all apple related files ie. QuickTime, Bonjour, etc...  I have even gone so far as to restore my computer to a previous date.  How can I fix this problem?

Windows 7