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Hi everybody,


I'm a DJ and once a month, I like to share a set of mine with my friends. For each set, I also make a dedicated flyer.


I usually put the recorded set in Itunes, then I add the flyers using the "Illustration" (I'm using a French version) tag.


Then, I drag the new file (both the .mp3 and .jpg) on a folder on my computer and I can see the flyers and not the normal Mac icon for music file.


I had always worked, but today I tried to do the same but it doesn't work anymore. In Itunes, my mp3 file contain the flyers, but when I drag it to another folder, the flyer is not there anymore.


What happened???


does anybody know a freeware to associate a mp3 with a .jpg?


Thanks for your help,


Have a nice day



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I'm not firm with the french iTunes but I'm sure its similar to all other iTunes in the world, except the language of the menus.


    You can include the cover (Illustration) inside the music file. mp3, AAC or Lossless makes no difference.


    To do so go to:


    • The song (or songs) by marking it (them) in the main iTunes window. Then right click mouse (or two fingers on touchpad) and choose "Information"
    • In the information window go to the tab called "cover"
    • Move the wanted picture via drag & drop into this window. The best format for such illustrations are 500 x 500 pixels. If yours are bigger then iTunes will resize it to fit.
    • Click on save


    If you will change the cover for more than one file (song) you will be ask "you are sure to change all files"

    Simply press ok


    After that the cover will show up in iTunes and will be exported within the file if you pass the song to others..


    There is no reason to place the cover / Illustration in the Music folder cause iTunes uses for imported covers the "Album Artwork" Folder in the Library.

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    If you just want to change the normal mac icon to your flyer, then you don't have to go thru iTunes.

    - Just open your flyer in Preview and select ( cmd-A) the complete cover picture, then copy it (cmd-c) to the clipboard.

    - Open the Folder containing your mpeg-File in the Finder, select the mpeg-file and show the information panel (cmd-I)


    In the information panel click the icon of the file and paste (cmd-V) your new icon.

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    This is exactly what I want to do...


    I've tried your method, but it doesn't work. When I click on the icon in the information panel, it only plays my set and I cannot paste my flyer...


    does it work for you?

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    Thank you for your answer,


    but this, already know how to do... then I just dragged the file from itunes to my desktop and I was able to see my flyers with the mp3.


    but it doesn't work anymore.


    thanks anyway

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    does it work for you?

    Yes, I have done that very often.


    When I click on the icon in the information panel, it only plays my set and I cannot paste my flyer...

    Maybe I did not express myself clearly:


    In the information panel there is a small document icon in the upper left corner - that you need to click and then paste your picture there, not the big preview icon in the lower half, that just plays the song


    Hope it now works for you ....

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    jairo.png click in the upper left corner, where here the mpg4 icon is displayed, there you can paste a rectangular selection from a picture or another icon

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    Thank you very much,


    Now it is okay!


    But something strange, when I click on the "space" key to get an overview, the flyer doesn't appear.


    Anyway, this is fine.


    Have a nice evening.