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I'm a huge fan of Apple BUT I am so frustrated with my history of Iphone 4's. I got my first Iphone 4 last January and was quite happy with it until it started loosing sound (I could not hear when someone would call unless I had it one Speakerphone). The weirdest thing was that it was come and go! Since I live in the Philippines, and Apple support through our network *****... I decided to wait until my planned trip to New York last June. I was very happy with the service as they were able to replace it with a new Iphone 4... Fast forward two months later, I'm back in the Philippines and again the same problem happens!!! This time it's worse! There is no sound, you can't hear anything when you call even if you TRY to use the speakers! No sounds when I play any songs and now the videos I have on my phone won't even work because of the sound problem!!! I swear I didn't even drop it or anything! This is basically what happened, I connected my Iphone to the tape deck of my car, but for some reason the music was only coming out of my phone speakers and not the car speakers. I decided to turn off my phone and try it again... THAT WAS IT, GOOD BYE SOUND. Oh, I forgot to mention a few days after I got it in July it actually did loose it's sound BUT all I had to do was turn it off and on again then it was fine... so I figured it was a fluke... NOW I regret that decision, here I am back in the Philippines and my phone is basically useless. Does the Iphone 4 really have bad harware when it comes to sound OR I am really just **** unlucky?!!!! 2 rotten eggs!?!?!! Now I need to deal with my crappy network and see how they can handle the problem.


Rumor has it, that it takes 5 months to a year for Globe to get their act straight!?!! Talk about service. If only I could send my Iphone back to the US and ask for a replacement and this time pray that I won't have any more issues with it.

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    You are not alone... My iPhone 4 was bought in Canada on March 2011... Last September 23, I was horrified when I tried to play music through the speaker and no sound came out... It was on mute (even so since it should still play music just not the message tone or a call), so I unmuted it to no avail... I was really sad that night... Then like 2 hours later, the speaker was fine again... Then on October 8, the speaker died again which unfortunately persists until now... I tried to go to Power Mac Center, but they referred me to Globe since they have the hold on iPhone here in the Philippines... Alas, Globe only services iPhones that were bought from them! Me and my sister then tried random shops who could service my phone and their solution was to completely replace the mic and speaker combo... I was quite scared to have my phone serviced by unauthorized shops, so I didn't have my iPhone fixed... My sister contacted Apple in Canada and the latter sent her an email trying to fix the problem, but the email only contained a link to this community... Things are really sucky right now... I have a 4 year old smartphone from another brand and the speaker is still working perfectly... Why did my iPhone, which is like only months old, suddenly give up on me? I'm sorry I didn't give a solution to your problem... I just wanted to relate my experience too...